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Thread: TRADE HERE: The ALL Items Trading Thread

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    Senior Member Ibrani's Avatar
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    Dec 2016
    Have :
    80 Axes [1:8]
    40 Fish fillets [1:4]
    30 Cheese [1:3]
    Also a lot of Silver bars [1:5] and Gold bars [1:4]

    Need : BEMs

    KIK : Ibraniku
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    Feb 2014
    I have like 100 coal bars i would like to exchange those with your BEMs OR any bar of your choice, Am unfamiliar with the ratios please guide me.

    Kik: zaikazi666

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    Trading my

    Nail for your BEMs 3:1
    Saws for your BEMs 4:1
    Axes for your BEMs 10:1

    Duct Tape for Bolt & Plank 1:1

    Looking for mining tools...

    Kik: Orkhan91
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    Feb 2017

    Tapes for Bolts

    My 50 tapes for your 50 bolts (1:1)

    Partial trades welcome

    Higher level buys first, default prices

    Kik: Johnhayday123
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    Johnís Farm - Level 156

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    Millennial Club Boscoe's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    200 saws available and I need planks and tapes. 4:1
    can do partial or full trade
    kik me at savagelilyrose
    GC SavageLily! ​Level 168
    KIK: savagelilyrose

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    Aug 2016
    Trading My Items For Your Bems

    Blankets 2/1
    Diamonds Rings 3/1
    Feathers 3/1
    Mayo 3/1 traded
    Beeswax 3/1
    Raspberry Jam 3/1
    Big Sushi Rolls 3/1
    Cheese 4/1 traded

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    Message me on kik if u need any of the following: Bricks, Bolts and tons of Coal ores. Kik me for the ratio or any other offer you have!

    Inexchange i would preferrably take any planks, screws, panels and tape. Iíd gladly accept land expansion materials aswell as town materials!

    Im also interested in buying coins for my bems and lems!

    Kik: HaydayTrade123

    Ps. 1 coin trades if possible.
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    Senior Member Sayurii's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    my bolts for your planks

    LEM for BEM or SEM

    my deed/mallet/stake for your BEM (6:1) or SEM (2:1)

    my map piece for your BEM (12:1) or SEM (4:1)

    TEM for BEM or SEM
    my tar bucket/hammer/stone block for your BEM (5:1) or SEM (5:3)

    Tools for BEM or SEM
    my axe for your BEM (9:1) or SEM (3:1)
    my saw for your BEM (3:1) or SEM (1:1)
    my pickaxe/shovel for your BEM (4:1) or SEM (4:3)

    Food for BEM or SEM
    my white sugar/brown sugar/syrup for your BEM (12:1) or SEM (4:1)
    my juice for your BEM (6:1) or SEM (2:1)
    my ALL OTHER FOODS for your BEM (3:1) or SEM (1:1) or make offer

    my coins for your BEM (9,000:1) or SEM (3,000:1) you provide blankets or rings for exchange

    my plants for you to water/revive for your BEM (15:1) or SEM (5:1) up to 150

    kik sayuriihayday

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    Oct 2016
    My Panels for your nails (1:1)
    150 to trade. Could be over multiple days if necessary.
    10 min

    Kik: SnglMaltScotch

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    Feb 2017
    LEMs for Dairy/Sugar

    Mallets and Marker Stakes Available

    My LEMs for your dairy / sugars (any) 1:1

    121 Mallets
    64 Marker Stakes

    Small or large trades welcome.

    kik: Johnhayday123
    Johnís Farm - Level 156

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