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Thread: TRADE HERE: The ALL Items Trading Thread

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    Hi fellow farmers
    i have lots of mallets, land deeds (LEMS) would like to trade for saws, axes, marker stakes and/or tar bucket
    4 LEM’s for 1 saw, 2 LEMs for 1 axe, 5 LEMs for 1 marker stake or 5 LEMs for I tar bucket
    all traded thank you

    defult prices
    Minimum of 10 please

    Please Kik: bella4hayday
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    Looking to trade my 20 duct tapes for your 20 planks

    kik: haydayfarmer20

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    Have bems of your choice want
    Orange sorbet
    Peach ice cream
    Jelly bean
    Sun hat
    Lemon cake
    Lemon candle
    Raspberry candle
    Lob soup
    Seafood salad
    Lob sushi
    Lob pasta
    Marlade jam
    Peach jam
    Grape jam
    Honey pop
    Honey Apple cake
    Fdm pizza
    Lob skewer
    Egg sandwich
    Gracious bouquet
    Candy bouquet
    Cucumber smoothie
    Chocolate fondue
    Veggie lasagna
    Cucumber sandwich
    Fruit salad
    Blt salad
    Minimum 40 food
    Pm your ratio
    Kik bobbb09

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