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    My wood panels for your nails or screws (2:1)

    My wood panels for your any BEM (4:1)

    My bolts for your planks (1:1)

    My tapes for your planks (1:1)

    My bolts and tapes for your nails or screws (1:2)

    My saws for your any BEM (4:1)

    My saws for your nails or screws (1:1)

    My diamond rings for any BEM (3:1)
    (max price trade)

    My diamond rings for nails or screws (1:1) (max price trade)

    Partial trades are welcome
    kik: rahashider
    Farm lvl: 137 // Reputation lvl: 32 // Boat PT: 100000_150000
    kik: rahashider

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    My stakes for your BEMs. 8:1

    My 90 shovels and 50 pickaxes for your 28 BEMs.

    My 15 BEMs for your 45 nails.

    My 240 axes for your 20 BEMs.

    Kik: JCeez_
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    Have 40 bolts, want 40 screws.

    kik me at sierramike777

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