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    My LEMs for your BEMs. 8:1

    My 90 shovels and 55 pickaxes for your 29 BEMs.

    Kik: JCeez_

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    Jul 2013
    Have tapes and bolts
    need planks. 1:1
    kik me at savagelilyrose
    GC SavageLily! ​Level 168
    KIK: savagelilyrose

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    Oct 2012
    My screws for your nails

    kik jofinismail
    HayDay: lvl 133
    Tag #QYLYJYO

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    Apr 2021
    Locked up inside the mine of your farm or maybe under your bed
    I have Axes, Saws, TNTs, Dynamites, SEMs and BEMs.
    I need LEMs.

    Your 10 LEMs for my 1 BEM.
    Your 1 LEM for my 2 Saws.
    Your 1 LEM for my 4 Axes.
    I also have excess wooden panels, not sure about other ratios, dm me.

    KiK: Jx031126

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