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    Super Member Wwwildcat's Avatar
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    Feb 2016
    My 60 bolts for your 60 planks

    Many thanks and happy farming
    FL: 177
    TL: 56
    Trade only through In-game friends tag: #RYPCG8V
    Higher level buys first always works fine

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    Fresh Spawn
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    Dec 2018
    I have duct tape and nails

    I need planks and screws

    Kik: ksteeler8

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    Need balanced mix BEMs or LEMs

    100 Cheese (1:5) BEMs or (1:1) LEMs
    50 Saws (1:6) BEMs or (1:1) LEMs
    110 Fish Fillets (1:7) BEMs or (1:1) LEMs

    kik: smhilystuff

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    Centennial Club
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    Aug 2014
    My 755 LEM for ur 250 BEM
    My 400 SEM for ur 200 BEM

    kik crazy_turk007

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    Senior Member Sayurii's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    my bolts/tapes for your planks

    LEM for BEM or SEM
    my deed/mallet/stake for your BEM (6:1) or SEM (2:1)
    my map piece for your BEM (15:1) or SEM (5:1)

    TEM for BEM or SEM
    my tar bucket/hammer/stone block for your BEM (5:1) or SEM (5:3)
    my hand drill/paint bucket/brick for your BEM (15:1) or SEM (5:1)

    Tools for BEM or SEM
    my axe for your BEM (15:1) or SEM (5:1)
    my saw for your BEM (4:1) or SEM (4:3)
    my pickaxe for your BEM (5:1) or SEM (5:3)
    my shovel for your BEM (6:1) or SEM (2:1)

    Food for BEM or SEM
    my white sugar/brown sugar/syrup for your BEM (12:1) or SEM (4:1)
    my juice for your BEM (6:1) or SEM (2:1)
    my feather/ice creams for your BEM (4:1) or SEM (4:3)
    my ALL OTHER FOODS for your BEM (3:1) or SEM (1:1) or make offer

    my coins for your BEM (9,000:1) or SEM (3,000:1) you provide blankets or rings for exchange

    my plants for you to water/revive for your BEM (15:1) or SEM (5:1) up to 150

    kik sayuriihayday​

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    Have 9 of my BEM (Random)For your 89 deeds1 coin trade
    Kik- sentinaloptimusprime
    (Will reply under 7hrs)

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    Fresh Spawn
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    Apr 2021
    BEM: Have Tape. Want Plank.
    SEM: Have Nails&Panel. Want Screw.

    Can reply in around 8-9 hours.

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    Centennial Club Bella4hayday's Avatar
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    Aug 2017
    Hi fellow farmers

    I have 80
    wood panels to trade for your 40 nails and/or screws m:y, 2:1

    and also trading my wood panels for your hammers and/or stone blocks m:y 2:1
    partial trades are welcome, minimum of 10
    Default prices

    Please Kik: bella4hayday

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    Senior Member
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    Feb 2015
    I need 40 deeds for my 5 bems (bolts/tapes)

    Kik: jynniepanda

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    Senior Member
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    Oct 2012
    My tape for your bolts
    kik jofinismail
    HayDay: lvl 133
    Tag #QYLYJYO

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