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    TRADE HERE: The ALL Items Trading Thread (Forum is Closing, See Announcements)

    TRADE HERE-The ALL Items Trading Thread


    The previous trading threads were quite lengthy and/or not being utilized. So in a effort to clean things up a bit, alltrading will now be done here.


    • Trading is UNOFFICIAL and not supported by SC
    • ALL forum rules apply. Click here to see the forum rules.
    • Proceed cautiously when trading, as there is always the possibility of something going wrong, intended or not. You have NO recourse should this happen.
    • Name and shame is never allowed. See this thread.


    To make trading a smooth process know your preferred method of contact.
    > you may use PM (private message here on the forum)
    > or a messaging app such as Kik (many players use this one)
    > ALSO you will need to have your FARM TAG NUMBER (this is found in the in-game friend book)
    > DO NOT EVER GIVE YOUR FARM ID NUMBER - that is a different number found elsewhere


    > Know the proper names for the items being traded. (We may get used to calling items different names within our NH, so this will avoid any confusion)
    > List the item(s) you are trading and the ratio for the item you want to receive (1:1, 2:1)
    > Include your contact information - kik ID etc
    > DO NOT USE THIS THREAD TO CONVERSE ABOUT A TRADE, ie “PM sent” “kik sent” etc.
    > When the trade is complete, you may EDIT your original post to read “TRADE CLOSED”

    **a note about PM - you must wait 60 seconds between sending another message. Also, keep your mailbox under 50 messages or change the default to not save sent mail


    1. Exchange Farm Tag numbers or FaceBook names - include your player level and your farm name
    2. Know what the “signal” is that you are at the other players RSS, i.e. 1 wheat for 1 coin.
    3. Decide on who will start the trade.


    1. Be sure you have adequate space in your barn for the items you will be receiving

    2. Agree on the number of the product being exchanged and the ratio. Some items may be more scarce so expect to give more of something else to get these. This changes from time to time.

    3. Try to make sure that neither party has an active advertisement at the time of the trade.

    4. Use the last slot of your RSS to place your “wheat” & items for trade

    5. When that wheat is purchased, you should see the name of the person you are trading with. (If taken by a different player, stop the trade, and try to communicate with the other party immediately)

    6. Immediately, put up the items being traded as previously agreed upon.

    7. Should the wrong item be put up, try to buy it anyway. You can try to trade it back when current transaction is complete.

    8. Once, this is done, it will be repeated for the other party.


    Be sure to thank the other person if the trade was successful. If something was amiss, be respectful and try to come to an equitable resolution immediately. Once the trade is complete you may edit your advertisement to read “TRADE CLOSED”.

    Thanks to Be A Legend for the signature!

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    My food for SEM. For LEM different ratio. Please kik.

    Ratio M:Y

    Tomato juice 2.5:1
    Sushi roll 1:1
    Feta pie 2.5:1
    Strawberry jam 1:1

    Need coins, i sell max u 1 coin
    Both 1 coin.

    Kik: Bhuvan1406
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    (Me) Rings & Bems : (You) Items

    I HAVE : Diamond Rings(175) & BEMs
    I Want :
    - All Dairy Products
    - All Jewelry(Except Rings)
    - All Juices
    - All Jams
    - Axes / Saws
    - All Cakes
    - All Mining Materials
    - All Candy Items
    - All Metal Bars
    - White / Brown Sugar
    - Syrup
    - Lobster
    - Fish Filets
    - Soy Sauce

    Kik - Riptideripley31

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    My 35 markers for your 35 deeds

    Kik me: zaikazi666

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    100 saws for 20 bolts
    40 tapes for 40 bolts
    100 axes for 8 bolts
    35 feta cheese for 10 bolts
    Kik Diabolical_Angel

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    I need food

    10 grape juice,
    10 caramel apple,
    10 veggie bagel,
    10 egg shushi,
    10 coal bar,
    10 gold bar,
    10 apple juice,
    10 bright bouqets,
    10 lob sushi,
    10 diamond ring,
    10 summer salad,
    10 summer roll,
    10 orange sorbet,
    10 honey toast,
    10 onion melt
    10 youghurt smoothie
    10 bacon toast
    10 cherry popsicle
    10 mint icecream
    10 berry smoothie
    total 200 items for 80 bems

    Default price trade
    I buy first

    Kik: sanjshaib

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    My 23 bolts/tape mix for your 23 planks
    My 28 screws for your 28 wood panels
    My 30 deeds for your 10 mallets and 20 markers

    My 150 paint buckets for your 50 saws
    My 90 hand drills for your 30 saws
    My 60 bricks for your 20 saws

    kik clipwolf
    Level: 114 || Town: 28 || Achievements: 140/144

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    Jun 2014
    have 120 axes need Sems 7:1 ratio

    KIK: wrestlingx4

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    Hi i have bems i need
    Kik farrukhshazad121

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    Mar 2019
    My 10 nails for your 10 wood panels
    Trade complete
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