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    Millennial Club Boscoe's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    70 shovels 5:1 for tapes or planks
    also have 60 TNT too 6:1
    kik me at savagelilyrose
    GC SavageLily! ​Level 168
    KIK: savagelilyrose

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    Forum Superstar Janilee's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    My bolts for your planks 1:1

    My panels for your nails 1:1

    Up to trade limit. Can buy at max and sell at min if you need coins.

    And given how this forum will soon be no anyone interested in a long-term trading partnership? I get a ton of bolts and panels, and very few nails and planks. I also get a lot of deeds but very few mallets, though I'm at the point where I can't expand without more permits, so I'm willing to give a potential trading partner all my LEMs.

    I play daily, and would love find someone willing to trade planks and nails for bolts and panels regularly.

    KIK: janilee7
    Level 224

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    Jan 2019
    Looking to trade my 60 wood panels for for your 20 nails

    kik: haydayfarmer20
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    Senior Member
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    May 2013

    my 112 deeds for your 14 planks
    My 72 stake for 9 planks
    My 48 mallet for 6 planks
    My 100 fish fillet for your 10 planks
    My 120 axes for your 12 planks

    Kik penny6811

    If you are interested in long term trading, you can kik me also. I always have planks, nails panels, axes, dynamic, tnt barrel, shovel, pickaxe, deeds, mallet, stake, I always need tapes and screws.

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    Super Member hobbitly's Avatar
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    Nov 2016
    My 20 tape for your 20 bolt

    My 20 tape for your 20 plank

    kik 0
    Last edited by hobbitly; May 12th, 2021 at 09:44 AM.

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    Senior Member Sayurii's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    LEM for BEM or SEM
    my deed/mallet/stake for your BEM (6:1) or SEM (2:1)
    my map piece for your BEM (15:1) or SEM (5:1)

    TEM for BEM or SEM
    my tar bucket/hammer/stone block for your BEM (3:1) or SEM (1:1)
    my hand drill/paint bucket/brick for your BEM (12:1) or SEM (4:1)

    Tools for BEM or SEM
    my axe for your BEM (9:1) or SEM (3:1)
    my saw for your BEM (3:1) or SEM (1:1)
    my pickaxe for your BEM (4:1) or SEM (4:3)
    my shovel for your BEM (5:1) or SEM (5:3)

    Food for BEM or SEM
    my white sugar/brown sugar/syrup for your BEM (12:1) or SEM (4:1)
    my juice/fish/feather for your BEM (5:1) or SEM (5:3)
    my jams/ice cream for your BEM (4:1) or SEM (4:3)
    my ANY OTHER ITEM for your BEM (3:1) or SEM (1:1) or make offer

    my coins for your BEM (9,000:1) or SEM (3,000:1) you provide blankets or rings for exchange

    my plants for you to water/revive for your BEM (15:1) or SEM (5:1) up to 150

    kik sayuriihayday​
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    Centennial Club
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    Jun 2018
    My bolts for your planks

    kik nialebeanz

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    Apr 2019
    trading :

    60 duct tapes for 60 bolts
    60 marker stakes for 60 land deeds

    kik: blueberryMochiBun

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    Junior Member
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    Sep 2014
    Hello Farmers,

    I would love to trade

    My 10 Bolts for 30 Nails

    I also have Wood Panels for Nails 1:1

    If interested, please kik

    Happy farming

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    Centennial Club
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    Feb 2020
    Trading my bolts or tape for planks 1:1

    Kik tayler288

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