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Thread: Clan Activity Reward: Green Elixir

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    Lightbulb Clan Activity Reward: Green Elixir

    Hello everyone,

    The season challenges menu pointing system uses an image to what appears like ‘green elixir’. I found it pretty funny at first, but later on gave me a cool idea.

    Along with this idea, I realized that Clan Wars and Clan Games are the only ways to gain clan XP. Not that I’m seeking more excuses to get Clan XP, however it has always bugged me that the background activity level of a clan had no influence on the clan leveling. However, the type of players in a clan make the clan what it is.

    So, what I am suggesting is a Clan-Wide Green Elixir Storage. If implemented, it would be with the clan castle. Every time a player in a clan progresses in terms of season challenges, a certain amount green elixir gets deposited into the Clan's Green Elixir Storage. At the end of each season, the total amount of green elixir is used to unlock Seasonal Clan Prize Tiers.

    What this means is that at the end of each season, a chest of prizes with different tiers unlock based on the amount of clan green elixir was collected over the season (similar to clan games – more clan game points unlocks the next tier). Based on the tier unlock, the clan gets a certain amount of clan XP - again, like clan games!

    What I like about this idea is that it rewards clans that have overall more activity. Not just clans with the few that war and participate in clan games. This is based on people playing, donating, using attacking daily, etc. Since the gold pass is not required to max the season challenges, it poses no unfairness directly. Gemming seasons would not contribute to the clan green elixir storage.

    I have not come up with numbers, but I would like to know your thoughts!

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    Seasonal Challenge is individual challenge just like event and not Clan Game or Clan Wars that are basically a clan wide event, so I don't think seasonal challenge should be related to any of the Clan XP.

    However, I do agree that "background activity level of a clan had no influence on the clan leveling. So maybe there might be a future feature that improve the Clan XP based on background activity level (e.g. donations, attacks). For example, clan members must donate 100,000 troops combined within a season to get some Clan XP, it's a good idea.

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    Not at all , but it would be cool if you could chose some game XPs , at least clan game's rewards would be more useful for endgame players

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    I'm not sure about this, I usually don't like rewards that depend not only on you, but also on other people.

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    great idea, everything will depend on how active and friendly the clan is

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