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    not sure I'm following yall. I just think its no good how I get 4k points for the season challenges every month and the max reward is at 2600. I personally would like more builders or training potions. But there should be something
    No there shouldn't. And Supercell have made it quite clear there won't be.

    The seasonal challemnges have been deliberately set at the level where any reasonably actyive account should be able to get the max quite easily.

    If there were further rewards after max point, than those would not be max points any more, and many people would feel there was pressure on them to achiev the new max.

    The achievement points is as much as you are going to get.
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    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
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    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
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    Imagine if it were, loot, for example. It is not needed at the max th levels, so there would be a large player base who wouldn’t gem the season anymore. That’s less money for SC.

    If it were magic items, those are overflowing too. No point in getting those either. Less money for SC.

    If it were gems, then what’s the point of buying them? You get them for free, and free is the best price for the consumer. Less money for SC.

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    Agreed, there should be something, even if just a research potion at 3k and a builder potion at 4k or something. Makes no sense that the season pass points become arbitrary less than halfway through the season

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    No. You are paying a more than fair price for what you are getting. If they add more, then expect to pay more. This is the problem with a lot of people. "Give me more" "Even though I get more than the value of 5 bucks, its not fair that I can't get more" "what SC gives us is never enough" grow up, appreciate what you do get for what you pay. To be honest I am surprised they don't charge 10 bucks a month for what it gives, and it would still be worth it, well except to those who whine and cry that its not fair. Plus all the free stuff they give in top of it between clan games rewards and clan league rewards. It is designed and set so that people who also enjoy playing but don't have the time to be on it constantly every day can still achieve maximum points. But man, stop complaining and expecting more and more on top of an all ready more than fair deal.

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    I think daily challanges should have seperate reward, which you should receive every day regardless if you have completed the the season challenge or not.

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