Bread oven
Mediterranean pizza or Vegetarian pizza: Wheat, olives, goat cheese, roasted tomatoes, +mushrooms (if it’s Vegeterian)

Gingerbread (maybe cookies or ginger snaps): Wheat, ginger, brown sugar

Iced (or Frosted) ginger people: Wheat, ginger, brown sugar, AND white sugar for icing, milk, plus some jam for candy eyes [or make gum drops in candy machine and include those here instead of jam OR just include jelly beansp]

Dulma: Grapes (for the leaves), rice, bacon (to make the meat, usually lamb though), +maybe goat cheese

Cake oven
Ginger cake with lemon icing: Wheat, ginger, brown sugar, eggs, lemon

Blueberry (or other) cobbler: Using new blueberries OR existing fruit, wheat, eggs?, white sugar

Pie oven
Stuffed bell pepper: Bell peppers, bacon (for meat), mushrooms, rice, onions

Stuffed mushrooms: Mushrooms, goat cheese, olives, roasted tomatoes

Stuffed jalapeños: Chile peppers, goat cheese

Soup maker
Stew: Bacon (as meat), carrots, onions, bell peppers, potatoes

Ginger ale OR Ginger ade: Ginger. OR make new machine for sparkling water and use it here as an ingredient OR call it seltzer water (either way it’s a product on its own or an ingredient in some other products)

Cranberry relish/salad: Cranberries, oranges, ginger, sugar

Sauce maker
Cranberry sauce: Same ingredients as in salad but make it here instead and call it cranberry sauce

Pasta kitchen
Macaroni and Cheese: Pasta (show it like macaroni noodles), cheese, milk or cream

New foods
Blueberries (cobbler OR smoothie as main ingredient or with other stuff)
Cranberries (could grow like rice since they’re picked by flooding the fields)
Squash (make some new casserole, use in some soup)

Of course, ingredients for each food product can be added or deleted, these are just my initial ideas