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Thread: 2 accounts under the same email, the first account was lost

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    2 accounts under the same email, the first account was lost

    Hello Everyone,

    I have 2 accounts under the same email using Game Center. Every time I log into Game Center with that email it keeps loading the 2nd account I made on that email (In Game Name: “GR”). Both of the accounts are under the name “GR” but I can’t load the first account that was created on that email. I have spent a lot of time, effort, and money. From what I remember i was TH8/9 and was level 120+. It is also a very old account, before the supercell ID was even created.

    Is there any possible way I can get back my account?

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    Afaik you cant have two accounts connected to one email account.

    Ingame support is able to recover villages but you doesnt even know if it was th 8 or 9 and that makes it nearly impossible to recover your village. You will have to know way more about your village.
    Judging by this the best advice is to start a new village. You can reach th 7 in one month.

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