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    TH12 Friend Banned for "phishing" when just trying to regain access to an old TH 1

    My friend was just banned for "phishing" without warning from SC. He was trying to regain access to an old TH1 account of his and got banned. Is there anything we can do about this to help him? It seems like a hasty decision by whichever SC team member that did this. He has spent a lot money and years on this game and he deserves better that what has happened.

    Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

    A permanent ban for trying to get your own account back seems a bit much doesn't it???
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    Personally, I'm surprised to learn that someone was able to save a TH1 account, much less they had need to "recover" a TH1 account since it takes minutes to setup a new one. But, whatever happened to your friend is between your friend and Supercell support. Why would you try to muddy the waters and get embroiled in a situation over which you have no rights? Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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