I love using the newspaper. Thank you for the newspaper. But it's time for a change.

1. It needs variety and constant ongoing variety. Please come up with an algorithm that will make it showcase unique products instead of all the same things over and over again, especially tons of only one thing! Right now it's filled with Rustic Bouquets to the point where I bet I'm dreaming those words in my sleep. Sometimes it's filled with a wide range of crops and sometimes they're scarce. I'm pretty sure some items we've never seen at all in the newspaper.

2. Real newspapers include Wanted Ads. How about if we could post what we wanted in the newspaper? I believe that's done in Neighborhoods, but I don't belong to one because I can't stand being told what to do or micro-managed, especially when I'm playing a game to have fun. (That's all an aside, but it brings up that I did recently start a neighborhood to avoid those issues... it's called Live and Let Live Tag #Y89292GU. Check it out if you're interested.)

3. It would be nice if what you see in the newspaper is based upon what you advertise in the newspaper. I regularly advertise cool and much-needed items and I never advertise the repetitive ones we're all tired of seeing. Based on that, I should be seeing cool and unique top dollar items and not the same old same old. In other words, if you're going to consistently advertise a Rustic Bouquet or a Cloche Hat, then that's the level of items you should see. But if you advertise rare items then you should also see rare items when you open the newspaper. It's only fair.

There's a ton of ideas, I'm sure, but I'm drawing a blank on additional ones. Fellow players, please add more ideas in the comments.

Thank you, Hay Day! We love you!