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Thread: Well I知 giving it till Christmas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaledonian View Post
    1% is the figure quoted by Darian re Global usage. That figure applies to the total number of accounts. How that translates to number of players is guesswork; it depends on the average number of accounts run by each player. I run 6, I'm assuming that's more than average, but I really don't know. Whatever, it's still a small percentage.

    You, on the other hand, seem to be implying that Global use was widespread, given your questioning of my earlier post. Do you have any source for this?

    I fully appreciate that people that used Global, as their primary recruitment method, have been let down badly by this update.

    I ain't no "fanboy" by the way, if I think SC are wrong I'm not shy about saying so. So I'd appreciate it if you leave out the borderline personal stuff.

    You are absolutely correct, 1% of the comments on this forum have been negative regarding the last update, Darian is spot on����

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    hard to get new player....those that not want to war....those that do WAR get frustrated by the games aq pounding abandons troops to help aq pound a we got an recruit players but exactly why would a player join to watch aq pound a wall ....guess will have to see next update to figure that out...

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    On a positive note. I’ve been using the forum more?

    just did a search then. Much better results sent out more invites than inbox full messages this morning which felt like progress.

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    Global closing has had zero impact on our clan. I do hope tweaks to the new recruiting system help those who relied on global for that.

    we have had pretty good results here on the forum as far as recruiting goes
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    Quote Originally Posted by RunninRich View Post
    You are absolutely correct, 1% of the comments on this forum have been negative regarding the last update, Darian is spot on����

    1% of the comments on this forum are negative... wow.. i must be on a different forum to you..

    all i see is people saying they are quitting, the recruitment tool is broken, removing global was a huge mistake..

    a lot more than 1% my friend.

    and trust me if it was just 1% then our AWOL community manager would be posting a lot more..

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