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Thread: Looking for a home ☺️

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    Looking for a home ☺️

    Hi! Im a hayday lover and need to find a friendly and nice hood to call home. My farm level is 129. Im looking for a laid back hood with not many rules, just the basic, like be nice and opt in/out of derby basically. I like derby but Im not derby obsessed, I opt out at times if its a difficult derby and Im busy that week in fear I wont make it. I always do nine tasks over 300. I dont want to join a crazy derby obsessed hood that only likes to win, I would like a friendly hood that plays together mostly to get the horseshoe prizes and likes to maintain its league, thats it. I loooove town and play it a lot lol. I would like a chatty hood with a mix of guys and girls, Ive been in several and find the game and chat is way better when the genders are balanced. I love to chat and get to know people and make friends. and want a place to come in every morning w my coffee, plant my crops, check my chickens, help others, chat and just laugh, be silly and have fun. If you think your hood needs a player like me then pls let me know. Thanks! 🥰
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    Adult neighbourhood- Farm frenzy!

    A place for the adults and farm lovers who are looking for a relaxed place to play in their own style, chit chat and help eachother.

    Current members count: 7
    As you know good thing takes time!

    Derbies: 320 tasks preferred, if opted in. 🙂

    Nothing like rules, but please respect eachother and use "Please and Thanks" where possible.🙂


    Requirement: Adult, farm level 35+. No hoppers!
    Roles comes with responsibilities, promotion will be given depends on performance.
    Play for fun!
    If the above suits you feel free to send a request!

    For any details kik: Bhuvan1406

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    If you are still looking for a great hood check out happy cats. We have 28 international members from level 43 to 183. Our only rules are be polite, be helpful, if participating in the derby get a minimum of 1000 points. No begging or drama allowed.

    Happy cats

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    Hi there,
    After playing HD for over 5 years and being in multiple drama-crazy hoods, I decided to start my own! So far so it's me and a neighbour that's been playing together with me for several years. We're both Canadian, so super friendly and helpful We're a mature, adult hood. I derby all the time but am not obsessive about other members participating. Derby when you can, and if you can't, no worries! We don't have any rules except the Golden when you can and be polite. Our hood is called True North Strong, and our tag is PQGCQYVL. Come check us out if you're interested! Thanks

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    Looking for neighbors. Rare openings

    Corn Farmers Corp needs you! Tag #J9RLP08. Rare openings in a hood with most members belonging for several years! Fun, chatty, 108 Gold Champion trophies but no pressure to do all maximum point derby tasks - can also opt out if you are busy or not a fan of Derby play. Mainly US players but have several Aussie players so would welcome more. Level 80 to join but will consider lower levels - especially if you have a friend that wants to join with you. We love to help players but do not tolerate abusive or drama or those that just want to take advantage of our generosity! Please check us out!

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    Join us at Green Acres. Tag: VOJ98GY. Very helpful team. Play derby, complete all derby tasks with higher than 300 points. Enjoy the game.

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    I do remember i invited u already long time ago coz ur name registerd in my memory . DREAMERS #PCGL2RLR. cya. We have few slots avail

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    You sound like a good match for us! We have a 2700 point minimum....and that just happens to work out to 9 tasks x 300. A lot of people do only 320s and an extra task, but its not required. We like to be competitive, but honestly, the prizes are not worth losing our minds to get. We missed 1st this week by 430 points...but guess what? Nobody flipped out. And...I still got the same old land expansion prizes I cant use.
    We are a pretty chatty hood, and we joke around a lot. Its not all chat about the game. We have an optional Facebook group that is pretty fun! About half of us are from the US, and most of the others are from Australia or England. You would think it wouldnt work, but we all overlap a couple of times a day...someone is almost always there!
    We have generous people in our hood, so you wont have to worry about being the only higher level person who gets requests for help constantly. (Im experiencing that with my second farm hood..its not fun!) Come pop in and visit on derby pause day and see what you think. You dont have to commit! (We are not as chatty on the day between derbies, but I think thats everywhere.) We are invite only, so send me a friend request and Ill be happy to invite you.


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    Hi Luckyloo 😊
    Im looking for more members and think you would be a great fit. You can find our info here:

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