• Clan Name: clash kings
  • Clan Tag: #29JCVO208
  • Clan Level: 1
  • Clan Entry Reqs: th11s+, Must speak English

About us: We are a friendly and active war clan. We have b2b wars and have war plans for each war. We hail from the USA and Canada mainly. Help one and other grow is our mission and we want to be come a part of helping you grow as a player. One last thing all promos are earnt, our clan believes in working for your promos and not given as free handouts.
What We Have To Offer You

  1. unlimited donations and no donation ratio required
  2. an active fun clan thats willing to chat
  3. willing to work with you to get better at war attacking if needed
  4. war plan set by the leader or co-leaders
  5. a clan dedicated to winning clan wars and keeping members happy

What We Expect From You

  1. use both attacks in war
  2. use real war attacks
  3. op out of wars when heros or spell factory down
  4. be respectful to your clan mates
  5. stay active and donate what is asked
  6. participate in clan games at least 1000 minimum points for each member
  7. dont ask to be in cwl it is up to the leader for picking the cwl roster (prove yourself for cwl)

Thanks for taking the time to read about our clan and hope to see you guys and gals around. If there are any questions pls feel free to leave a comment on this post and, make sure to mention reddit when requesting to join.