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Thread: System is accidentally robbing our stores during transfer

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    System is accidentally robbing our stores during transfer

    Past month every time I transfer products from baby farm my products are less than what I posted after I purchase them.

    For example I had 100 Plus nails on baby farm ready to upgrade main silo with much less needed to upgrade as silo was not as big and I already had a few nails but when I transferred I was short of 10 nails.

    This has been going on with SC support past month.

    SC officers advises to reconnect wifi. How can wifi lead to stuff being bought by me from my own baby farm with my name appearing as Puchaser but when I returned there’s stuff missing.

    A couple of officers returned a few products before. Some even gave the same advise over the one month:

    You can be rest assured that the team is actually aware of this, thanks to very helpful reports like yours. They are closely monitoring the roadside shop’s performance and already working double time in order to determine the root cause and address it.

    Now after a thorough investigation on your logs, I managed to track down the products you were referring to and I will be happy to help this one time! For this reason, I have already sent Alfred the postman to your farm with a package containing them. He will leave it next to your farmhouse door.

    Until this is fully addressed, you can use your Neighbourhood’s request system or arrange trades in the roadside shop with your neighbours who need help. I assure you that you have nothing to worry about since the support team is here for you .....”

    I have nothing to worry about? After this update I am losing SEMS and there isn’t any bot stealing them.

    I know this for sure as even Normal products go missing. So why are our products going missing when we clearly bought and our name is reflected on the neighbours or baby farm but when we return to our main farm it’s GONE!

    I have waited almost a month and have posted this before but got no replies on this forum. By posting now my intention is to alert other players to see if such anomaly appears. Maybe there’s some who are not on this forum who encounters the same issue.

    The bottom line is SC is aware of this problem so if we are not getting our products back most times and due to heavy transferring between neighbours this can lead to arguments that indeed one did post and the other never received though bought or even be unaware there was shortfall unless in instances of barn or silo upgrade or feeding chickens or filling boat requests etc then only the issue is recognised.

    SC I do appreciate your Fair Game rules I was so proud of it when you guys posted it but is this fair to us when we pay and dun receive our products?

    I certainly am against gamers using bots to steal from other players and blame SC for a defect in their system that was utilised to this end but the outcome remains the same if in the end the players are the ones losing the products.

    Please help us SC

    Thanking you in advance and hoping no more products go missing after the next update which hopefully will come soon
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    I also lost some items due to this bug. The actual cause is full barn.

    when you put 2 similar item like 10-10 nails and the buyer has space for only 10. If he buys by fast tapping, both items will be sold but the buyer will only get 10. Thus 10 nails lost in the system.

    temporay solution - check barn sapce before buying and tap 1 stall at a time. also alternative items are not lost. like 10 nail and 10 screw.

    Supercell, plz fix this. So many people lose so many items daily without realizing and who realize does not camplain always.
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    It does happen that’s for sure!

    I’m not sure a ‘full barn’ is the issue though

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmallChange View Post
    It does happen that’s for sure!

    I’m not sure a ‘full barn’ is the issue though
    I am so thankful for your post! I thought I was losing my marbles, in addition to items.
    I’m so sorry you’ve had this happen to you, too.

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    This is something that I have encountered for a very long time. It likely happened more than I realize. Most of the time the transferred items go into the barn without me knowing my previous count of times. But I notice sometimes when I did buy something the barn count that appears at the top at time of purchase, does not appear. Other times I done something like transferred in a count of saws for example and I then I go to use them and the count of what I thought I transferred is not there. Same such occurrences for expansion materials.

    Maybe the losses occur due to some anomaly between server and player's farm. Some timing issue due to internet imperfections?

    For that shouldn't the server process be doing some count checks to verify the counts are in sync and no such loss has occurred?
    As you pointed out the assistant found the data inconsistency, saved in the log. If someone is able to see the error afterwards then the game programming is capable of catching the error immediately after it occurs and correct it.
    Even though it may be possible for the server to catch these anomalies, that extra processing could add massive loads on the server and cause the game to flow worse than what it is doing now.
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    From my past experience (I've also made a bug report about it back then, and then replied to another bug report mentioning the same thing happening a couple weeks later), you can lose items like that if you move to another farm too quickly after buying something from an RSS. Like, if you click on the crate to buy, close the shop and immediately return home for example. Make sure you wait until the animation is finished and the barn storage count is updated, before you return to your own farm (or go to another farm).

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