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Thread: War Clan looking for TH8+ or Incoming Merger

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    War Clan looking for TH9+

    Soulless Kings
    Clan Level 6
    Est. 7/28/2019
    My kids and I started this clan, there are friends from work here as well. We are a friendly casual clan that is semi serious about war and clan games. We are looking to create a more sociable clan and make new friends for our clashing adventure.

    Banner Coming Soon

    What We Offer
    English Speaking
    Understanding and friendly environment
    Mature environment our players are 15 to 45
    All troops available for donation
    Experienced players for help and advice
    We war back to back and do CWL. No pressure to 3 star.
    Discord(not required)for troop request when were pulled away from the game for real life commitments. Also useful for planning war attacks or other communication.
    What Were Looking For
    TH9 and up
    No rushed or engineered bases
    Clashers that are active, loyal, have a good attitude, and are team players.
    Weare a fair play clan. This means no 3rd party app’s that give you an unfair advantage. If you are found to be using 3rd party app’s or “bots” you will be kicked and reported.
    Clan Rules
    Donate the troops that are requested
    Light trash talking or poking is ok
    Bullying, berating and being disrespectful is not tolerated
    Clan Games minimum 2000 points
    War Rules
    Keep your war option up to date. Not attacking in war results in sitting out two wars.
    Use both attacks
    Never attack without cc troops
    Pay attention to Co Leaders, clan mail, war tags, and notes
    Use first Attack to attack your mirror if no instructions are given.
    Elder is earned through being a consistent donator, max clan games points or performing well in war
    Co Leader is earned by meeting elder requirements and contributing to the longevity of the clan and recruiting.
    Joining the Clan!
    If you're interested in joining click this link SoullessKings . Type bacon is life in your request to join
    If you’d like to check us out here is the link to our discord server Soulless Kings Discord
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    If you donít have discord and have questions pm me

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    Need more for CG and up coming CWL

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    Looking for th8 and up for cwl and clan wars would like to see some social clashers apply use bacon is life in your application.

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    Looking for more clashers for after cwl. Th8 and up

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    Looking for more for clan games and war. Use bacon is life in your application.

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    Looking for th10+ for up coming CWL and regular wars

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    Looking for more th 10 and up for upcoming CWL and classic wars.

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    Looking for more clashers for the upcoming CWL and classic wars. TH 10 and up please

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    Looking for more clashers that are th 10 and up for the upcoming CWL and classic wars.

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