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Thread: TH9 Attack Strat suggestions

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    TH9 Attack Strat suggestions

    I just now finished all my upgrades barracks and spell wise on my th9 base and i'm looking for a good attack strat that's gonna help be push into Chrystal league. I used GOHO a ton at th8. Any suggestions

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    If it just crystall league, you can use lava baloon minion. It ensure 3 star for base lower than yours, and moderate difficulty to 2 star for even th 10. If you really active farming for loot, i recommend using baby dragon after reaching crystall, just aim for dead base, baby should keep you at those league. Drop thropy if too high, just make 50% if too low.

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    as a TH9 you can try following strat
    Babydragon + loons ; Rages + poison = first pick up easy building with Babydrags, make funnel > then deploy your remaining troops
    Dragons ; Rage+Poison = Deploy one dragon each on corner (eg 1 o clock and 3 o clock) once the funnel is established ,deploy the rest
    <Golem + Wiz> = To funnel + Valks<Deploy after funnel has been established> ; Rages + Heal + Poison

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