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    Hello everyone

    I have been playing Hay Day and reading the forums for a long time and finally decided to join and start posting myself. My farm is lvl 125 and I am in a small friendly neighbourhood.

    I wanted to say that I really like the new update, especially the new crops and products. I love the design just harvested the first batch of sesame and the animation is beautiful as well

    I am a keen special decorations collector and would like to ask if the "old" derby decorations will still be available? I mean the ones that were introduced with the last update. I haven't been able to get all of them yet, even though I participate in every derby and my hood is in the highest league and always get all rows. Sometimes I even use diamonds to reshuffle the rewards but so far I only got the fence with the cowboy hat and the big rolls of hay. I am also missing the dog toy with planks and the wheel in the middle from the previous batch. The new decorations that I spoted on Gregs farm look beautiful, I can't wait to get them unfortunately I already collected the derby rewards before the update I always forget to wait and shuffle after the update.

    I am looking forward to the valley improvements as well. Especially the sun points still counting after reaching a fuel spin will make it so much better So far I did not really enjoy the valley very much, because I have always been in valleys with lots and lots of inactive people (didn't get the car deco because we didn't get enough chickens) I hope, this will change as well.

    As others have already asked, I would also like to know if we will be able to "leave" a broken truck or a chicken "alone". This may not seem very friendly and helpful, but for example if I didn't have a truck or chicken daily task I would like to drive by and leave them for other people who have these daily tasks. Broken trucks and chickens seem so very rare (so far - maybe that's changed as well) that I would not want to take them away from people who might "need" them to finish their tasks. Also will the timer glitch or "feature" as some forumers called it be removed? If so, have you considered making the daily task road (with the mystery boxes) shorter so that people will be able to reach all rewards even if they where unable to complete every task every day (e. g. due to lack of broken trucks or chickens)?

    The shopping limit on expansion materials will not affect me, I think. I seldom buy them only if I just need 2 or 3 for an upgrade I might ask my hood mates. The thing is, we are usually short of the same materials (no duct tapes or screws to be found in our hood ) so we can't really help each other. I rarely see them offered in the newspaper or friend's shops, so I just sell the stuff I habe to much of in my shop until I get enough of the rare materials for the next upgrade

    By the way I am sorry, if the answers to some of my questions are in the youtube videos. I haven't been able to watch them yet.
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    Anyone trading is going to have to be VERY careful to remember if theyíve bought anything at all in the previous 24 hours, including any items from Greg. Itís going to be a right hassle (apart from anything else)

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    Welcome to the Forum, OutOfIdeas!

    Your comments and questions are wonderful, please don’t be shy or feel apologetic. It’s good to see you here.

    Thank you, Kaptain Kat for your reminder about updating. I read it and went straight to the App Store. It quickly shifted from “Play” to update, and the update seems to have gone flawlessly for everyone in my NH.

    I’m appreciating a much faster Tom, and with my using a Tom booster for the first time, he’s working hard for the first time in his lazy life.

    The animation on the new crops is cute - I’m especially enjoying the sprouting ginger. The sesame seeds really whirl in the scythe!
    I hope some upgrade in the number of crop fields could be made - that would be very much appreciated, thank you!
    The timing and levels for the new crops and products seem to be nicely and thoughtfully spaced out.

    I’m eager to check out the updated Valley.

    I am hoping the EMs limit will cool down the bots. I have no problem with it, and view the daily 80 piece limit as generous for a player like myself, and for our NH. I especially appreciate the safety of the “birdhouse” requests - very nice feature, thank you!

    Everyone in our NH can’t wait to unlock the recent land expansions, and all of us are eager to get the phone booth and blue tractor! One of our members was excited hours before the update to finally unlock another piece of land (the soccer net), only to whack a head for missing out on the phone booth a mere 3 hours later.

    Loving the update, so far... Thank you, SC!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    I can confirm it is legit. No fake-news this time around. It's not mentioned in the marketing texts as it will affect such a small number of players anyway, and keep in mind that we can change the value at any point via a maintenance if needed.


    You have absolutely no idea, how many long time players are affected by this decision.

    Upgrading barn and silo is about the only thing that keeps us playing.

    Now you took that away........

    I already reached the 80 limit today, so have 8 of my friends.

    You think we’ll keep playing if it stays like this....?
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    I'm really excited to try out the new updates. Thanks for constantly improving. The only really big step back is the daily expansion limit. A friend and I work together to upgrade, so we save up everything until we have enough for one of us to upgrade, and we take it in turns, but it isn't unusual for one of use to give the other 50 items when that times comes. How long is that going to take now with a daily limit? This is like DRM, you are punishing legit players for those few idiots who are ruining the game for themselves.

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    I have 2 new fences in my shop, was surprised as they were not listed and I had no number on my cash register. I looked for anything else new but didn't see anything. Am I correct or are there more goodies I missed?
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    Another good update Can't wait for the new valley season to start
    Thanks Supercell Good job again
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    I can confirm it is legit. No fake-news this time around. It's not mentioned in the marketing texts as it will affect such a small number of players anyway, and keep in mind that we can change the value at any point via a maintenance if needed.



    Are you serious??? My group all donates tools to 2 separate ppl, one for barn, one for silo. When we have enough we upgrade whoever is next. This is well over 80 tools a one time as we are high in levels. Please reconsider this hold on tools. My group is thinking of quitting hay day if itís not removed as we wonít be able to play then.

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    Unless I am missing something why didnít you make it possible for us to see how many expansion / upgrade items were bought for the day so we know when we should stop trying to sell to neighbours. I just had to sacrifice 10íbig planks because my neighbour had already bought 80 items through the day form other farms. We are 2 people in the neighbourhood......

    So pretty bad in my opinion to put in this limit to begin with but even worse because we have no idea what number we are at in a given day.

    Also when does this reset? 24 hours after the last item is bought? Please give more visibility as a priority on where we are on this ridiculous limit.

    If you want to be smart about it then at least make it where selling / buying within the neighborhood is done in the neighborhood building and has no limit.

    Oh, one other thing. You changed the Supercell ID login which is done but by default you enable emailing about all products and news. Iím not 100% familiar about GDPR regulations but I believe that is against the regulations since you need explicit permission for sending out promotional emails. Again, maybe I am wrong on GDPR requirements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post

    Also, in order to better balance trading and to slow down bot activity, we have added a daily buying limit in the Roadside shop. This limit is only valid for expansion and upgrade materials, and it wonít affect your other items.
    Once you have reached your daily buying limit of expansion and upgrade materials you will get a message from the game. Wait for 24 hours and you will be able to buy more materials in the Roadside shop.


    Well that is just plain dirty and underhanded. Seriously, you are punishing players by limiting expansion purchases because you cant hire decent coders who will write code that cant be so easily exploited??????????

    That is seriously messed up ("messed" is not the word I wanted to use.........).

    Shame on you, SC, you need to reconsider this.

    Players should stop playing and stall the game until this imbecilic move is rectified.
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