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    Th12 to Difficult????

    Hi Clashes,

    Below is information gathered from 3 max th12 players in Legend league for the past 21 days, with 504 attacks made and 480 defences.

    Player A - 5462
    Player B - 5400
    Player c - 5398

    Above mentioned cups are at the start off day 22 and all three players are in the top 100 on the local leader board.

    Herewith, see the stats

    Attacks Made:

    • 1 stars - 22%
    • 2 stars - 65%
    • 3 star - 13%

    • 1 stars - 29%
    • 2 stars - 58%
    • 3 stars - 13%

    Taking the above mentioned into account - "Is Th12 too difficult for the average players", I don't believe that the 3 star ratio should be the highest, but surely not that low.

    After sharing replays in the past 21 days, all three players agreed too, that troop AL is far from right. The Warden,Queen,Healers,Wizzards and even witches behave very strange.

    What is the experience from others?

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    Get ready for some very different views/opinions on this one ...

    with AL you mean the AI?

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    I am a totally maxed out TH12 and have dropped from legends . I have been a daily player for years and TH12 is far to difficult for an average player ( which I do consider myself average). I can only imagine what a TH13 would bring , probably will pull myself out of war for good.

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    You are taking the attacks and defenses of 3 players from the top 100 local leader board. And then the question "Is TH12 too difficult for the average players".

    What I understand from the top players leader board is that they are there because they have the best offense and defense against average players before they reach the top 100 and regularly change their offense strategy and base designs to suit their need when they climb. The opponents they face during the 21 days, are likely as strong as they are and no longer consider as average players. What your statistic showed was how difficult TH12 is for top 100 players.

    How about you consider the attacks and defenses of 3 players from the average ranking (say in Titan League or even low Legends League)? That might give you the answer of whether TH12 is too difficult for the average players. My opinion, TH12 difficulty level is logically difficult for average players as it is the highest TH level and as a game with leader board.
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    It really depends on what type of strategies you use to attack and how good you are at using it to adapt to different bases. Some strategies are meant to be more of a safe 2 star. If you look at the 3 star rate for the average mass edrags attack, it is probably pretty low. IMO bases that are built specifically for legends generally rely on a WOW and SURPRISE factor that takes advantage of the 30 second scout time but are usually easier to take down than war bases. Thus, legends is more about memorizing each base, figuring out the weakness and eliminating the surprise factor, and executing the 3 star attack the next time around with your specific army.

    Thus, I believe legends is not a good indicator of where the true 3 star rate lies. Clan wars and CWL is a much better indicator when you can tailor fit your army and strategy to each base. In that aspect, I believe making the 3 star rate low for the average player is crucial in creating a scale that can separate the weak, average, and strong attackers. An average player should get around 50-75% 2 star with 3 stars here and there. I do think they should separate the scale more so that Th 11s should NOT be able to so easily 2 star a max TH12 base... but that is another discussion.
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    Sorry to let you know but @5400 you're quite the definition of an average player.
    So your stats are just fine if you ask me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MyH4oBG View Post
    Sorry to let you know but @5400 you're quite the definition of an average player.
    So your stats are just fine if you ask me.
    Thanks for the response so far. A player A,with 4994 was ranked 341991 and player B with 5517 trophy's was ranked 17079. This indicates that any trophy level over 5500 is way above average.

    I will do another post after CWL next month.

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    Town Hall 12 is as balanced as any town Hall ever has been IMO. My last clan war league (I'm a max 12) I hit a 1 star, 3 x 2 stars and 3 x 3 stars. There's loads of different attack stratagies you can use depending on defending base. I'm by no means a professional and get my fair share of 3 stars

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    What did you go into TH12 as, were you a fully maxed (including heroes, troops, spells) TH11?

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    Imo, th12 has never been that easy.

    I'm not that good at trophy pushing so I don't get more than two 3 stars each day but my clan war 3 star rate is about 40%. Last CWL I got 19 stars in Champs I. I can't imagine how easy the game must be for the players wo are in the world championship finals. We are going to see a lot of 3 stars there.

    I like the difficulty at the moment. Some troops could be weaker or stronger but the offense/defense balance is good.
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