Craig'sVanswers is an adult war clan. Our members are very kind and love to joke around! You must speak english to join. Total War record (375-240-15) Last 50 wars (43-6-1) We're crystal 2 in CWL! Always looking to move up! We need more members that want to be active and play the game.

War is a big part of our clan. We've really turned our war log around in the past few months and we aren't slowing down! We usually do 25 v 25 wars. We never tell you who to hit in war. You pick your target because you know best! To be included in war you need to have a 3 star strategy and be Th8+.(If you don't know how to 3 star or you want to learn, we would be happy to help. We'll pick a strategy that fits your troops and we will practice until you get it down.) Line or discord (messaging apps) aren't necessary but highly recommended.

We have a monthly drawing for two $10 gift cards. Every time you 3 star a town hall of the same level in war you get an entry. We draw at the end and the winner gets a gift card! Simple!

Only because we are a war clan doesn't mean you need to war constantly. If you prefer farming over war, you are still welcome. Were not always the most talkative but when we talk it's a fantastic chat to be a part of!

When joining type "Forums" so we know where you came from. Hope to see you soon!