SC made a big announcement about removing the global due to legal issues and the amount of ressources they need to spend to survey less than 1 percent of the players, yet many clans used it to recruit new members. This fraction of 1 percent made it nessessary to develop a new recruitment tool and make it the main content of the october update. That's odd enough on it's own. According to what Darian has told us more than 99% of the players didn't even use global, so they shouldn't be affected by the october update.

The improved recruitment tool has shown the same players again and again after the release, Onyx reported it here. The improved recruitment tool ignored the player tags completely and it does still show pretty random results after a few maintenance breaks.

So the key feature of the update went basically untested into production. Tags not working, randomization of the displayed players not working, players without clan castle are shown, players with full inboxes are listed. None of this is obscure and none of this couldn't be easily tested in advance or post launch in production.

This update is more like an alarming one than the best update ever.