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Thread: GODS of death now recruiting #RVQCQPRQ

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    GODS of death now recruiting #RVQCQPRQ

    Recruiting for War and games! We are a level 12 clan. Mostly North American members.
    We are pretty chill but like to win.
    Join us if you are th8 to th12. ACTIVE! LOYAL and DEPENDABLE.
    We communicate in english
    I hope they fix the recruiting tool or bring back global soon.
    Request to join GODS of death or friend Beak Head clan tag and my player tag below

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    Bring back global. We need recruits. The new recruiting tool is flawed!
    Level 12 clan recruiting active loyal members for games war and cwl.
    We are looking for non rushed th9 to th12
    Must be able to communicate effecvly in English
    Join GODS of death. # RVQCQPRQ
    Help keep our clans alive! Demand the return of Global Chat

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