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    80 seems low. Agree that it should be higher for higher level players, at least.

    And it really seems like it's punishing us honest players in order to get at the bots. I'm afraid there will be unintended consequences.

    Like, I suspect the stealing bots came about when they cracked down on the wheatbots. The wheatbots didn't really bother honest players. Maybe we'd be annoyed at too much wheat in the DD, but really, it didn't affect us much. The stealing bots, OTOH...

    I'm afraid this is going to lead to some new bots that make us look back at the L bot and its ilk with fondness.
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    Please put the limit higher... It''s impossible for higher levels to manager their tools between farms.

    Also please add a visual counter so we can see how many tools we already bought...Now we can't transfer tools without knowing we can buy it with other farm...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinlyn View Post
    Wouldn't this actually make the bots useless? Don't they steal EMs to sell for real money? If the people buying the EMs are now only able to buy 80 a day, wouldn't that basically destroy the market?
    I think that's what SC is hoping. Whether it works out that way is a different story. The botters seems to be 10 steps ahead of them.
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    I did not know and could not buy stuff I needed because bought some town stuff from friend before that just in case. So it kinda ruined my morning. Bad surprise.
    I decided to quit playing until, if ever, the limit will be removed. For now it's no longer fun for me.

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    (Redacted by forum moderator) done the same thing to their players and almost lost their whole player base. It was an attempt to combat real world trades, just like this. This change hurts everyone and not just the ones that were cheating. Changing core mechanics of a game is never good. Trading is part of the game whether you believe it or not. They had a vote in 2010 to change trading back into (redacted) without the limit and 91% of players voted for the change back. LIMITs ruin trading. Revert this and I may be back but for now I am done playing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AsYouWish View Post

    P.P.S. BULIGO, you made me shoot ginger tea out my nose! Great visual reply to Lucy Thanks for the frequent laughter you bring - your sense of humor is priceless.
    Many thanks for your warm, nice words. Happy farming!
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    As supersell ALWAYS don't answer to comments other then "great update!" in FB, i'm registered here..
    just copy-past my FB comment "greedy SC... at first - no need scrolls at all for expand land.. then new land with scrolls only with deco, after get away possibility to find scrolls in boxes (later added 1.4% for box for 25 diamonds, thats unreal, u understand).. and now... final round.. ALL land with scrolls, even WITHOUT deco..."
    and AFTER this comment SC have made "buy 5 scrolls for $10".. =)
    i totally agree with man in this topic who have told that sometime, when you understand that the goal is unreal - you just stop getting to it... after 5 years of playing and donating to SC i have realized that game designer's main part become "get as much money as you can from this game and don't do anything more"... for example 3 last helloweens - the same deco! SAME FOR 1 EVENT EVERY 3 YEARS! it's not hard to paint something new.. but what for?.. people will eat it.. and u know what.. i DON'T believe this lady in SC AT ALL.. main part is not for players - main part is for getting cash.. i think it started when SC was bought for 10 billions (or so, i don't remember).. at first - there were a lot of updates and so on.. now - only limitations to slow down game process.. 1) limit with scrolls (start of a post), 2) limit with EMs now, 3) full monetization (even to reshuffle Greg's bonus).. i'll tale you one simple thing - when people realize that game owners/representatives are lieing to them and just wants their money, they first don't like it and then they just gone away.. from place/from people/from game...
    be true with yourselves for start...
    sorry for my bad english and possible mistakes, but it was from my heart.. and you know what.. some part of me is really happy i have to stop playing/wasting time in virtual life and return to real life... that's why i think this update was good enough....

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    TLDR; this update is terrible for 90% of the player base, it's not going to solve any of the issues they're trying to fix. There is WAY more cons than pros to this update which is never good. This update is most likely going to cause a lot of long time players to quit.

    I've recently just come back to this game, after taking a break. I've been playing again for about a week I WAS having a great time on the game, today I hit the limit without even knowing and missed out on a few BEMs in the DD. Which I find extremely frustrating because they can be hard to find in there. I wasted a good portion of my 80 EMs I can buy on town material. So now for the rest of the day I have to skip over all EMs I find in the DD because I'm at the limit. My barn is pretty much at capacity, only needing 20 tapes to upgrade which I could trade for but now I have to wait till tomorrow or even a whole 24 hours (don't know when my limit resets). Overall I think this update is going to kill the game for a lot of players. It has definitely ruined my experience already, I was loving the game again before this update.

    I'm probably going to continue playing the game, not for long though if they don't change this update I think it's horrible whether your a low level player or a high level player. The lower level players don't want to sell off their EMs, I know I don't (I'm level 60). So now my barn is going to be even more clogged because I can't trade with my nh seeing as most people will be at limits because 80 is a super low number for all EMs.

    Some changes that would make this update better, yet still effective for what they're trying to do goes as follows:
    - make the limit only effect BEMs and maybe SEMs
    - the higher your level the higher your limit is
    - make a new storage system for EMs
    - make it so player get an equal amount of EMs rather than 50 screws and 1 nail

    I've read most of the comments on this post all seem to be against this update with a few waiting to see how it pans out. From what I've experienced so far this is not a fix for anything. All this does is limit everyone in an attempt to stop bots, a poor one at that. This update is like putting a bandaid on a cut you need stitches for. I'll most likely be quitting the game or atleast playing a lot less. I used to buy about 100 EMs from just the papers alone a day. But now I can't even buy LEMs or TEMs because I need to save my limit space for more important items such as S/BEMs. And if I do any trading with my nh now I can't buy any EMs from the papers.

    I have nothing good to say about this update, its absolutely terrible in my eyes. This update seems rushed and doesn't seem like they thought it through very well.
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    I am waiting it out as I am one this does not affect. I use the layaway plan (a storage system of sorts) and have for some time for storing barn and silo items when any one item gets close.

    on occasion I do buy or sell some EMs with a friend, but I find the 80 limit fine. It does not exceed my usual transactions

    here is a link to the Layaway Plan for those who are interested
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    I had been looking at the update information but I had missed this. I was working with my some friends to consolidate our upgrade items and they could not buy more. Then, they got the warning that they reached the 80 upgrade items. I do not like this. It takes so many items to upgrade so it is nice to work together. I have seen posts by some neighborhoods that they specifically work together on upgrades but this ruins that. I have friends that need 100 of each upgrade item for their next upgrade. I get it's a resource management game but it is also a collaborative game. I think this hurts that. Plus I fail to see how it stops bots. Will not they just make more games to get what they want or otherwise work around the limits? Seems like this punishes loyal players. Supercell just added a bunch of new items and crops so we need more space to store them. It is difficult to wait until you get all the upgrade items you need. To keep having your barn and silo max out makes it impossible to play because you get stuck and cannot do anything. Also, the upgrade materials are not created equal BEM seem most desirable then SEM then LEM and TEM. (It seems impossible to have too big a barn or silo versus people can run out of land/ permits and max out what they want to do in their town). However, they are all counted the same in this limit. Also, I like trading which I get is not something Supercell manages but it helps people with managing resources and getting what they need/want. Supercell, Please find a better solution.

    Re: business - I thought it was cool how Camilla from SC said in one of the Q&A videos that if you make a good product then the money will follow. I liked that plus it seems true for almost any product. But all these new permit plots and the 80 upgrade item limit it does make me wonder if that is really what the high ups in SC believe. Though it is likely true for the people who put their heart and soul into the game - the artists and developers. I do not like when people bad mouth the gaming companies. (I have seen this on other forums & websites). Just because you work for a company to feed your family does not mean you agree with everything they do. It does not even mean the employees quietly do as they are told but sometimes the little person in the company is ignored. Many companies seem to see the short term/ money aspects but sometimes they do not fully recognize the long term view and money potential on that side of things. I do not work for Supercell or any gaming company, but I still do not like to hear people assuming a company is uniform especially the high ups versus the people doing the lower level positions.
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