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    Builder base quick armies

    Allow to create quick armies for builder base. And then when you attack a base during troop selection at start, you have a quick button for Army A, Army B etc. Because you can't skip bases like norma base, it's more crucial to match army to the base you are presented. This would speed up process of selecting troops. This in turn would speed up whole battle sequence.

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    There is no need for this feature as we can change our army even after seeing the enemy base and it would be of no use anyways.

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    That's the point. I find this very annoying to have to change 6 different army camps all the time. I'm not saying replace that, just add a few quick selection buttons, to choose army composition 1, 2, or 3 pre sets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrian"TheRanger"Malhiers View Post
    There is no need for this feature as we can change our army even after seeing the enemy base and it would be of no use anyways.
    Why on earth do you think it would be of no use?

    It would save you 10-15 seconds during your "scout" time, as you would just need 2 clicks total instead of 2 for each camp.
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    This gets my vote. One of the most annoying QoL-type shortcomings of builder base. It's never just about changing out one camp, but switchng completely from air to ground, etc.
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    People are either using the same army every single time, regardless of the base they attack or switch intelligently between 2-3 armies that they know how to use and that works for the base at hand.

    OR .. they use custom armies depending on the base at hand.

    I'd assume that a very, VERY large percentage of Builder Base players would be able to get by very comfortably with 3-4 preset armies and that such a change would give a higher variation in the armies actually used in battles.

    I, for one, would love a few presets.

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    If we can even queue an army like main village, that would be very good. Lol.
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    So we are pretending that the 10 seconds it takes to change your army comp is somehow debilitating? First world problems.

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    This thread
    Really no point

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    Ever thought you switched your combo and realized you misclicked on one camp and now you have a motley combo? I usually realize right as I drop the first troop.
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