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Thread: Wondering How to Get Pictures in a Thread

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    Question Wondering How to Get Pictures in a Thread

    When I try to post a picture in my clan recruitment thread. It just gives me a little link I can press that brings up the picture (ie: awesome_picture.png). I want the actual picture there, on the thread. Help please.

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    Use an image uploading site

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    Try any of the help I have in my signature (visible in full sire view, not mobile).
    If you use any host, surround your host’s url (of an image extension, like .png or .jpg, or .gif for animated) with the bb code img:
    [img]filename.<image type>[/img].

    I googled an animated picture, and copied its link, now I can post the following:

    Which when processed by vBulletin gives:

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    Is there any quicker way of doing it? If not, that’s cool as well though ��

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