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    Loss of global means recruitment here and accidentally found had 2 recruitment thread

    please either merge or delete one, or both so can do a propper title that has no reference to a specified TH, and just gives countries, max clan perks.

    in fact just delete both of them

    i am on mobile device and cannot paste the links, have sent pm to sharkyfin but no outgoing messages are viewable in my profile.

    it's one of the reasons i recruited in global

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    But was there any need to make a special thread just to say this? It just wasted some space.

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    At this rate you’re getting way more moderator attention then you bargained for.
    Someone has merged the threads and I just removed them. And then Sharky will also have to read your PM and will probably go look for it as well.

    The current status is that the recruitment thread is deleted so you are free to create a new one. Keep in mind that members normally cannot change a title so think about what you want the title to be. We moderators can change them on request but we won’t change them on a weekly basis.

    A few tips for next time but make sure to choose 1 route and not all of them.
    Either report your own thread and in the dialog box that pops up explain what you want done with it. This way the first available mod can look at it.

    Pick 1 moderator and send them a PM and be patient. We are volunteers who come to the forums in our spare / free time and it could take some time for the moderator to respond.

    Do not post threads like this one. It doesn’t belong here and frankly everyone else on the forums doesn’t give a hoot about this subject. What if everyone would start threads like this, wouldn’t that get messy ?

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