THE BAD AXES - Level 19 Adult WAR Clan Recruiting NOW!

THE BAD AXES is a LEVEL 19 ADULT war clan looking for strong, non-rushed players. We range from TH7 to TH12 and we're looking for you!

Currently interested in TH9s, 10s, 11s, 12s. Willing to consider lower TH levels case-by-case.

Need more info? Check out our webpage at

Tired of your old clan filled with kids? Looking for a laid back adult environment? How about a war clan serious about winning? Search no longer! Join THE BAD AXES today!

Some info on us:

* Adult WAR clan with 450+ war wins!
* Proven record of success
* War 3 times per week
* Clan games and CWL!
* Minimum level to join: Solid TH7
* Location: USA
* We believe communication and teamwork is the key to every victory
* 3-star experts can help you with attack strategy and base defense at all levels
* Promotions available through activity, loyalty and hard work

Search us out using keywords "THE BAD AXES", or by clan tag #2RC00GJ8

TH9 and up require anti-3 star war designs. This is a MANDATORY requirement, so please be prepared with a default anti-3 design upon arrival.

Please put in your request that you located us on the forums! See you soon!

Play Clash Royale? We have a clan there by the same name! Come join us for some very relaxed fun
(The Bad Axes, #9GG2QV)