Once the announcement came out that the reset was 5000 I decided I better stop playing around and push a bit. I had been running all sorts of hog combos to see what worked and because I think hogs are fun. I was around 4350 at the time. After today I'm at 4874. I'm pretty surprised at how easy the push has been. I've switched to mainly minion drops. When I can reach the air bombs or roaster or maybe two air defenses with a camp of hogs, I'll take out a camp of drop ships. This yields a lower percentage than hog attacks but a more reliable two-star. In my last 10 attacks, there were four attacks against me that failed to get two stars, so easy win. Of the remaining 6 two-star attacks, only 2 scored above 60%. I'm just a little surprised that close to 4900 in trophies and the attacks are still fairly weak. Seems like drop ship is the way to go reliably push up to 5000.