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Thread: Our clan is struggling to recruit more players

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tisser View Post
    Whats strange is, I have not been in a clan for a while now and my inbox is empty, so I’m confused how SC is working in their algorithm. I mean I’m just saying I’m a maxed TH 12 went to TH 13 and have already maxed several defenses and nothing, not even a single invite.
    Then go to the "looking for clan mates" section.. Your problem will be solved.

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    I've gotten in total 2 people OK for my clan and have stayed long enough since (with the recruiting tool). Feel lucky now.

    There's actually a good chunk of people I've recruited from builder base vs battles (and the people they bring in makes it up in total to about 12-15 people), so look over there as well in my experience. Forums has happened to somewhat work for me too, I guess.
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