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Thread: Nearing bh9 Retirement

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    I have a bit to do. 4 defensive upgrades at least 1 level on most traps. 8 troop upgrades. And most of the walls. I’ll probably be on to just walls around Thanksgiving and finish the walls around the end of the year or end of January would be my guess.

    unless the December Update has TH13, I’ll probably retire from Clash for a while.
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    Me too, didn't take long. Never bothered to push for this very reason. Just figured out i still have runes i never used. Only will be playing 1-2 days a month before long ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by iHeron View Post
    Im burned out from playing BH, just seems utterly pointless.

    i spent a year pushing, was number 1 in final weekend of season several times, only to then go on mega tilts, in the last few seasons I decided to stay up late and get up early to push for number 1 only to then tilt in the last 15-45 minutes of season , that was when I decided enough is enough. Sadly several other good players have also recently quit due to the limited play options and season end tilts of the BH.

    The BH needed social and other gameplay modes from the start to engage enough players, but without those basic features most players got what they wanted from MV instead.

    Apart from some season pass challenges, its just pointless now, wish Id realized that a year ago.

    RIP BH.
    And now pushing have you by the balls boy

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    Quote Originally Posted by iRoofus View Post
    And now pushing have you by the balls boy
    No, nobody usually actually truly quits a video game permanently they usually do it in stages.

    I mean this guy dedicated his life to this game and he saying that the game is utterly pointless and that he’s going to quit, he probably plays 10 minutes a day now instead of hours you could pretty much called that quitting and eventually he will just end up straight up quitting for months at a time and maybe just visit every now and then.

    He got to number 1 global so I think he has the game by the balls, he doesn’t have to prove anything else he achieved something that he’ll never forget for the rest of his life something that only a few people in the world could do on one of the biggest video games in the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iRoofus View Post
    And now pushing have you by the balls boy
    Not pushing again... Yet

    I mostly just do CWL and MV daily bonus, and play 1-3 BB games daily on my main account - I'll stay close to top in case 7k is possible this season - although lack of time could hinder it for me - but I suspect that next month will be a 7k season as it's 5 weeks long... So I might not be able to resist the urge to push 7k in December.

    But life is a lot more enjoyable with less playing time and less headaches and migraines.
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    I just have some walls left. Pretty over it tho at this point. I tried pushing this season for the first time and as of the last week I'm getting murdered by full 3min mass archers attacks and it's just not fun anymore. I know it's a valid attack, but it feels like it did when your opponent picked Oddjob in GoldenEye back in the 64 days. And with no BB upgrade planned I fear they're not gonna care much about balancing troops either. It's a bummer

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    I have one upgrade left in the lab after current one. Then just walls.

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    And I'm retired! Time to sit back relax and leave the grind behind.

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    My main BH is now a maxed BH9 (true maxed; not the CoC forum definition of maxed that usually includes a number of non-maxed buildings/walls/troops). Also have full storages.

    Am in gem generation mode now, along with daily star (and as required, other) seasonal challenges, as well as clan games (trophies have been dropped in preparation for the latter two).

    It's nice to not have to do the three daily loot attacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lrl View Post
    Yes I feel like this game has come to its end.

    After getting to #37 global as my highest on my profile, #5 global peak during season, I feel like this game is just repetitive and the developers pretty much abandoned it at this point.

    This game was amazing but after playing for every day for six years it’s just gotten old to me, just feels like a grind, like all supercell games nowadays.
    Same here. As i stated before, bh gets boring after 2-3 seasons, since its the same over and over...and no wars/features to engage the players with each other

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