An idea I've been thinking about is a possibility of having collectable sets of decorations that, once the whole set is collected and placed on a person's farm, that grants a permanent boost to the farm (like a booster)

For example, if there was a set of 5 decorations based on fishing or the ocean, then when you collected them all and placed them all you would have a 10% reduction on the time it takes for your fishing spots to become free (instead of 2 hours it would be 1 hour 48 minutes to wait). The decorations could be matching statues of 5 different types of fish from the fishing area, for example, or a cute lobster on a rock, or a set of fishing gear in a pile. Or even a little fish in a fishbowl! That would be so cute!

Another example would be a series of decorations based on stars that once completed grant a permanent 5% experience boost to that farm. Perhaps a series of decorations of different animals posing with the XP star, like a pig riding a shooting star, or images of the XP star covered in plants or in a flowerpot, that would be adorable

Or finally a series of honey/bee inspired decorations that increase the honey machine's speed by a percentage when collected. Perhaps 3 decorations of a dripping honey pot surrounded by happy bees, a tree with a buzzing beehive on it and a statue of a Queen bee on a throne!

The decorations would be able to be found through derby horseshoe rewards, spin the wheel, mystery fishing nets, order packages, mystery boxes on farms, town visitor rewards etc. pretty standard but they should be quite rare as a permanent boost is a pretty big deal!

There could be another tab in the decorations menu keeping track of how many of each decoration you have collected, and what the reward is for placing them all. Also the extra decorations would not clog up barn space as they are stored in the decorations tab.

I believe this would be a great idea to implement as many high level players have long since completed their fishing books, puzzle pieces, land expansions, achievements and mastery for most machines. This would add another goal to strive for, with a real reward that enhances gameplay!