Good evening

I have 2 clans that are always looking for good decent people.

1st clan is The Royal Gits #9V0LVCLG
level 18 clan adult members all mostly good TH11 & TH12 but accepting good TH10 too.
we have a great set of people loyal for a very long time, clan wars always, clan games finished very fast always. Max troops donated fast at all times and CWL always taken part in. We donít make anyone have to war but your welcome to war anytime. Friendly people good laugh and great sense of humour. We currently have 44 members male & female all adults.

2nd clan is Royal Weirdos #22JL9RGPV
level 3 clan will be level 4 this week, we made this clan for our minis and to have fun doing wars with smaller bases again, the clan took off really well we have 43 members very active,talkative,relaxed and good laugh. Very helpful to any players, we war always and only lost 2 so far, we usually do 30v30 wars bases from th10 to th5 we have maxed bases in the clan too to help fill everyone with max troops. Done our 1st clan games and completely finished it with days to spare. Bring your mini or main or both and hopefuly chat soon