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Thread: Best way to use CWL medals as a new th10?

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    Best way to use CWL medals as a new th10?

    I recently upgraded to th10, with all buildings at max lvl of th9, all troops except 4 or 5 also max lvl of th9, lvl14 barb king and lvl 28 arch queen. Should I only use heroe hammers or is there a better way to spend those medals. I'm confident I can level up my heroes fast, I had to upgrade to th10 because I was losing a lot of gold and elixir, and I wanted to get better CC, camps, spell factories, etc. Thanks for the help.

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    I personally would use hammer of building on building's which requires elixir to upgrade
    for example spell factory , army camp , barracks , dark doing so it will not effect troop train time and give me a bigger camp size...
    On a side note will constantly upgrade heroes ..balanced hero upgrade that is king and queen on similar level or have a difference of 2-5 levels not more than that
    upgrade key troops/spell which you use a lot in farming and war ...

    Hammer of hero/building/fighting/
    training potion is good.
    since builder potion is costly , i wont take them (but many still buy builder potion)

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