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Thread: Help me Understand Healers?

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    Question Help me Understand Healers?

    I am really get tired of the following situations and maybe someone can help me understand how Healers work...
    1) Continually healing a "healthy" warden while the Queen is dying beside him, mere "squares" away (like1 or 2 squares)
    2) Healing an Ice Golem, who is pounding a wall, and ignores (or doesn't connect to) the 'dying' Queen who is.. 5 - 8 squares away. Assume the Healer is at point (0,0) and the Golem is at (0,6) and the queen is at (6,0)
    3) Generally healing any useless troop (archer or two) in one area, and 'far away' from them, the rest of the Kill Sqaud troops are ignored (say 10 or more squares away.) Why don't they fly over to the larger hoard?
    4) What attracts Healers and why do they seem to prefer almost anything over my queen - pekes take them, Warden takes them, etc. Do all heroes have the same space? Is that 25 or 30?
    5) Do healers stay until whatever troop is 100% again? and if that troops is continually getting hit, do we have an impossible condition? Is that why they never switch to a dying troop?

    Any and all feed back appreciated.

    * I have not done a deep search the forum History for similar threads or comments
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    * I was confused if this was an enhancement, suggestion or bug fix - so i posted here
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    I make certain my queen is taking damage before I deploy her healers. Once the Healers are locked on they won't typically leave her unless something with way more health pool is close to her and she is full HP while other troops are taking heavy damage.
    It's why you see most people deploy army far away from healers and queen or have them meet up when her Walk is finished.

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    Usually healers will choose one tropp and will keep healing it until it dies, then move to next closest troop and so on...
    Unfortunately they aren't smart to heal whom is needed

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    My personal favorite is when you send in an ice golem with the object of freezing the core and the healers lock on it and won't let it die.

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    Heroes have the same space and i think that is 25.

    Healers have a relatively small radius of attraction and focus on the largest troop space in that area - if they are taking damage. If they are on your queen and she is 100% and not taking damage (and the gap of time can be practically an instant) but the warden right next to her is, they move off her and onto him. As long as he's taking damage they won't move off no matter what else is happening. There is no difference in how much damage each is taking, the only thing that matters is if they are taking damage or are 100%. This is why dropping your warden behind your queen during the QW can go bad fast.

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    Healers prioritize based on space. Heroes are 25, golems 30. If they lock onto a unit, they heal it until it dies OR is at full health AND not currently taking damage.

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    1) Is the warden still getting shot at? That would be why.
    2) Is the IG still getting shot at? If not then maybe it is too far away from the queen for the healers to change targets
    3)Healers have a limited range, unless there a no troops near they wont fly on the other side of the map to heal troops there. Furthermore they'd probably die on the way there
    4) Healers heal the "biggest"(housing space) troop (heroes are 25), untill its dead or fully healed AND untargeted
    5) Yes

    Please take these with a grain of salt as Ive only used my personal experience with them to answer. I often skip queen walks/Healers as I find them too hard to predict.

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