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Thread: Inbox bug for legend players ?

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    Inbox bug for legend players ?

    I didn't find anything on this topic.
    My inbox contains only one clan message most of the time, even if I can see many more with my mini.
    Is it a bug due to my main account being in legend ?
    Sorry for my English, which isn't my mother language.

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    I've had this bug on a couple of my accounts. I have 9 accounts all in the same clan. We send very few clan mails because we primarily use a 3rd party messaging app. On 2 of my accounts (the oldest ones) it retains only a couple of clan mails while the other accounts retain more.

    Edit: just to add - none of my accounts have been anywhere near legend league.
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    To go in your direction, I've got 7 accounts, all in the same clan.
    Just the oldest has the "bug"

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    This bug and many others are present. I experience this on my legend and other alts a lot.
    Same is for attack/defense log.

    Legend attack-defense is also not very reliable to my experience.

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