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    Acer Iconia Tab 8 A1-840

    I installed the update when it asked. COC will start, but as soon as it shows my base it freezes. So I waited for any additional patches/fixes. Still having the same problem. I uninstalled COC and reinstalled with no change. Just curious as to whether the hardware can't handle the new version, or if it's the Android version. The tablet is pretty old, but it has worked just fine playing COC (that's all I use it for) for 3 or 4 years or so now.

    The CPU is a quad core Intel Atom Z3745 (64bit). The ram is a little low, at 1GB. The android version is 4.4.4, so also pretty old, but Acer is done releasing new versions of Android for this model. I could root it and install a newer version if that is the problem. Any ideas?

    Edit: Just noticed the minimum specs info in the troubleshooting guide. Seems that this tablets specs are all over the minimums, including the Android version. Any thoughts on why it's freezing up as soon as it gets to my base?
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    I believe the Atom Z3745 is an x86 processor. Supercell has ceased support for running the game on x86 processors.

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    Unfortunately, we posted in the patch notes that Clash will no longer support devices that run on an x86 CPU.
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    Many mobile devices run on an x86 CPU. Some devices used an Intel Atom CPU which uses the x86 architecture, as do many Chromebooks or players using emulators on PC's. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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    It's not. I was aware support for x86 CPUs was dropped, so I checked on this one prior to posting my original inquiry.

    Also, I didn't say the game doesn't load, which I'm guessing would be the case if the CPU was indeed x86, it just freezes up after loading. It's shows the loading screen and my base just fine. Just won't let me do anything once it gets to my base.
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