We're an active Level 12, Crystal III clan who wars constantly, max's clan games and works together as a team to grow both individually and as a clan. While we started as a US clan, we are now a great mix of UK and US members and a few Australians/NZ to take care of the 'night' shift. So we welcome all countries.

We're looking for like-minded, active, friendly and mature team players of TH10, 11s and 12s. Is that you?

This is what we offer:

Mature friendly game-play.
Super-active clan without being hardcore.
Guidance and help from experienced players.
We'll donate any max level troops (including siege troops).
Elder after attacking assigned targets for 3 wars
Elder for achieving max points in Clan Games
CO by trust.

This is what we're looking for:

Not rushed
English speaking only
Only donate what is requested
No free promotions (so don't ask)
No 'begging' for troops, only use the request button

Opt out if you don't want to war
No Pressure to 3 star however only attack your assigned targets
First assigned targets need to be attacked in the first 12 hours of war
All members in the lower half of the list need to use Both attacks in the first 12 hours of war.
Any member who is opted into war and doesn't use Both attacks or doesn't follow these rules will be automatically demoted or booted.

If you're interested please apply using Discord or in-game.
Please introduce yourself with your in game name, tag, age and country you live in.
If applying directly in-game to the clan let them know that Owl sent you from the forums, otherwise you will be rejected.