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    Cool Hay Day October Update Sneak Peek #2 - New Expansions Areas

    New expansion areas available!

    Look out for the new exclusive and aMOOzing decorations you can find in these new areas.

    To know more details about new expansion areas and the new decorations, please check out our YouTubers channels: as they will soon be posting much more details about them!


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    Hay Day Update
    New Land, New Deco, plus More


    Hay Day Update
    RSS Trading, Neighbourhood Trading

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    I'll face the facts...death, taxes, and more land expansion. Assuming it will require permits to expand.
    Yep, thanks RK3.
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    lol more expansion land?? like many others, im still not done opening the last ones because the permits are so hard to get!! let's hope they give us more ways to get permits, or this will continue to take ages! 24 new land plots? I'll be finished....NEVER.
    rss trading, and faster tom and truck sounds like a move in the right direction though.
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    Sneak peek #2

    Has anyone figured out where the new land will be?

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    Red face LUV IT!!! Can't say it any louder.

    Finally a step into protecting real honest players! I am proud of you Supercell for taking this step.

    I can't wait to have this update. An update that actually has features to look after those trying to play the game the honest way. I guess all those complaints didn't fall on blind eyes after all.

    I hope that this reduces the power the bots have over this game because it is time the game is given back to the standard honest player. We need someone to have our backs to give us a reason to stick it out with yall.

    Thank you

    Together as a Community we can accomplish great things!
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    on the other side of the road next to the last batch we were given

    Together as a Community we can accomplish great things!
    Hay Day Farm Lvl 140 / Town Lvl 38

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    I was hoping for town land

    oh, well... it can all sit pretty and untouched with the other land I never opened
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    Absolutely horrified by this information.

    I am a long time, honest trader who has built great relationships off my larger trades. I regularly move tools from one farm to another among my neighbors and family to even out tool drops and facilitate large trades. This is even before I do trading, which I’d be ineligible for just after moving tools from one farm to another as I would hit the 80 max within it will kill my trading entirely.

    This will have zero affect on program based cheaters and will horribly penalize large honest traders with high level farms. My guess is that most of us will simply quit.

    why can’t you just solve the buyer bot problems instead of hurting regular players ?

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