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Thread: Lost village

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    Lost village

    My town hall 11 account i had been playing on for years is now gone. I got a new phone and even tho i knew my email, i had forgotten the password since it's been like 5 years since i had to log into it. The point is that i have tried tirelessly to recover the password and i can't manage to get it. I want to know if it's possible to provide as much information as needed to prove that it's my base and get it back. I have spent over 400$ and have grinded since 2013. I refuse to let my base go to waste please i need some answers.

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    Contact the ingame support for account recovery but suggestions are high to recover your password.

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    Go to clash of clan app>> settings>> help and support...
    Explain your details in there from other account of yours or from trusted friend's account enlisting your xp lvl, chief name, clan name , #tag before describing problem
    If you know detailed stuff about
    when/ where was account created?? How long??? Any name changed previously??? your trusted device list?? last time you opened your account??
    there is a provision of changing your linked email account to supercell or supercell id by support staffs.....
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