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Thread: Mid Lvl TH12 needs good home

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    Cool Mid Lvl TH12 needs good home

    I need a good home, am active, always max CG & use 2x attacks when warring, reasonable donater. Good heroes120+ combined - many max troops/spells
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    We'd be delighted if you joined us if you don't have war cool down. We are level 16 small sized clan but that is by choice for now as we are looking to grow organically. We spend the time to make sure everyone works together as a clan in the war. We have a level 70 minimum (co's can mentor a lower level as we all have to start somewhere!) , we are established and know how to play the game, giving tips and sharing replays. And we have people all over the world so someone should be on. Please note though, if you want endless chat this is probably not the place. Serious about war, less about chat. We war back to back.

    Feel free to check us out. Please put a sentence containing the word squirrel in your request to join so we know you're from the forums. Its also for a bit of fun The clan is called Rage Out! Sometimes the search doesn't work so just search for it without the exclamation mark. We're the clan with the purple Shield. #8UJR0QL
    Clan: Rage Out!
    War and farm. That's what we do.

    If you can't find us in search, look up 'Rage Out'. We're ones with the purple shield.

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    Hi RadarWasp,

    If you're still looking for a clan then we may be what you're looking for. You'd be welcome to join the Bailey main clan.

    We have four active international clans in the Bailey family. All follow the general rules:
    English speaking only.
    Adults 18+
    Drama free
    Back to back wars (can opt out)

    The Bailey (in-game link, forum post)
    The original clan, established in the UK about 4 years ago.
    For TH11s and TH12s.

    The Bailey II (in-game link, forum post)
    Established this year originally to run a second CWL, however quickly grew in a couple of months to an active war clan. Generally TH8s to TH10s.

    The Bailey III (in-game link, forum post)
    Another super active war clan, constantly a friendly competition between B2 and B3.
    Generally TH8s and TH9s.

    The Bailey IV (in-game link, forum post)
    Our newest clan. Started to accommodate the fast growth of the bailey family of clans. Currently 11-0 in wars, we've never lost a war! 😁
    All TH levels welcome.

    We use Discord to communicate between clans and as to assist in recruiting, strategy and planning, however it's not a requirement. If you're interested please join our Discord Server or if you don't use Discord just apply in game saying you're from the forums or just message me.

    Wishing you all the best in your search.



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    Hey wasp, we are an international adult clan looking for more active members. We are pretty laid back and run wars for those who want to participate. Helping newer players learn the game and grinding out for our experienced players. Welcome to stop in and clash with us, just mention you are from the forums in your join request.


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    If you haven't found a clan, see if we would be a good fit.
    #8UCRP8CL. MN ICE. Mostly US based but we do have players in Europe. Adult clan. We war twice a week (optional), always max clan games, and are in crystal 2 for war leagues. Everyone is put on the league roster to get medals but only volunteers actually war. No drama. No silly rules. Just adults having fun. The one rule we do have, do your war attacks. If you don't have time, opt out. No worries. Opt in, attack. Put piper sent you in the invite if you drop by.
    sig by dharmaraj in sig shop
    Clan: MN ICE #8UCRP8CL
    IGN: Piper139 #2PQQR9Q22

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    Absent Doom

    Clan Level 11 - CWL League: Master League III

    Clan Tag: #JV08U0PJ

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    We are New Brits! An adult only clan with a mature and relaxed nature but also an organised level 16 international war clan. We are UK-based so we work around GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) but have many international members from the US, Europe, and Asia so there will always be someone online to donate. We're currently looking to further strengthen our War and CWL lineups and I believe that you would be an excellent addition to our clan.

    The Specifics:
    Clan Wars: We typically war 3 times per week. Everyone may opt in or out as you wish but we ask that you go Red if upgrading heroes or if you'll be too busy to get in both attacks.

    Clan Games: We have completed the top tier in every Games.

    CWL: We currently fight with mostly TH 12s. We try to rotate people that are interested in fighting in CWL through a sign up prior to the start based on everyone's availability. We are currently in Masters II.

    What We Are Looking For From You:
    Must be over the age of 18
    Be able to download our clan app Band (we use this for discussing war strategies and keeping in touch outside the game)
    Be active
    Use both war attacks

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. If you're interested, mention that Stark sent you from the forum when you request. Clan Tag - #8JY22YJL

    Clan: New Brits ~ Lvl 16 ~ UK/International ~ Adults Only
    Check out our Clan Recruitment Thread Here
    Questions about New Brits? Ask on Discord Here
    Questions not New Brits related? PM me or Message me on Discord Here
    TH 12 Lvl 187 Heroes: 65/63/35 #2VURP90QR
    TH9 Lvl 104 Heroes: 22/20 #YGRQLQYUY

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadarWasp View Post
    I need a good home, am active, always max CG & use 2x attacks when warring, reasonable donater. Good heroes120+ combined - many max troops/spells
    Hey, how’s it going?

    We are an active, drama free laid back adult clan. We have two clans that we run CWL’s in so all that wants to participate can and the occasional 30/30 in our sister clan if we have the numbers.

    * Clan Name: Buzzing Dogs
    * Clan Tag: #VLYPYJG
    * Clan Level: 15(CWL: Masters 1)
    * Members: Mostly USA, with several international.
    * Clan Games: Max Tier(usually maxed within 2/3 days)
    * Wars: Back to Back, No pressure, Opt out Ok.
    * CWL: All TH12’s(Max and or near mMax) / TH12 and under in our sister clan

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    Hey man! If you are looking for a great home try us out! Are clan name is White Hawks we have two in legend league! Though Crystal II in Clan War League I think you should check us out! Let me know if you are interested and I will leave are tag! I am elder so I can accept you in! If not us I hope you find a great home! Thanks FishyGamer

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    Level 12 clan that has active members - focused on war - check us out! Active donors and friendly group of veteran players.

    WAR Star

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