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Thread: Legendary YouTube War Clan Looking For War Players

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    Legendary YouTube War Clan Looking For War Players

    Viking Kingz are looking active, daily players town hall 8 and higher. None rushed, no just upgrade town halls, no engineered. 0.5 engineered is ok. So if u are war focus team player and your main interest in game is wars, we might got a spot for you. You need to be good with at lest one good 3 star attack strategy and have interest to learn more, we can help with strategies and war bases. Its a layout based game and nothing works on every layout.

    We have doing clan wars since 2014 so we got loads of knowledge in clan and not much drama, just relaxed wars, if u fail u dont get booted, u just need skip few wars for more practice. We are international, english speaking and we are very global clan, but dont expect donations 24/7. So if you wanna hardcore push trophies you might wanna skip us. Clan is normally closed, open 5-8 pm GMT nearly every day. War start time 5-8 pm GMT.

    Our Clan ID: #99YV2ROG

    Our YouTube Channel

    Our Clan Stats

    In Game Link
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