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Thread: Hay Day Feature Addition Ideas

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    Lightbulb Hay Day Feature Addition Ideas

    Hey Hay Day,
    I am writing on behalf of my neighborhood "KASHMIRIíS", as we have some helpful suggestions for Hay Day Quality improvement and End Userís comfort. Hope you will understand and respect our suggestions.
    Respectfully consider following points:
    ∑ There must be search options in Barn and Silo for the searching of products
    ∑ All the tools (Silo, Barn, Land & Mine Tools etc.) should be placed on separated location or should be placed in Barn in a separate Box
    ∑ Every product should show its production level when we click on any product
    ∑ Empty shops should not be shown to other users when they are trying to search and buy something from random farmís shops
    ∑ Valley Area should be permanent and fuel should be buyable using coins
    ∑ Mango Tree should be there to grow
    ∑ Expansion permits should be sharable
    ∑ There should be helpers in the fishing area (for making the lures and for fishing) like Ernest and Rose
    Hoping a quick and nice response.
    Thank you,
    Zain from Kashmiriís

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    I like your ideas!
    *It would be nice to share the rolled Scrolls
    among our neighborhood.
    *I agree adding mangos,
    *nut trees also, like
    *english and black walnuts,
    *hickory nuts
    too all were on my family's farms growing up.
    *Elderberrys, we made jams, and wines with them.
    *Goose berries
    *Pa pa trees, like bananas
    *Rhubarb and strawberry pies yummy!
    *Green beans
    *Bisquits and sausage gravey,
    * Burritos
    *grow navey beans
    * Cantaloupe

    *On the other topic of using our coins to buy gas would be nice too., I agree.
    * I want to see more woodland creatures on my farm that wander around I miss that.
    *It would be nice to be able to get rewarded with lots of saws, mostly I only get axes, I have almost 300 of them, and barely a saw.
    Also when Tom is hired why does he always have to take such long rests?
    I think decreasing that some would be helpful to everyone.
    And when I get free Tom booster for 3 hours free, you realize you really only can use him 2 times, which stinks. Its barely worth the hassle.
    * can there be away that we might can sell certain items just to our neighborhood instead of everyone, cause my team mates need something I have and I want to sell it to them, but before they get it some random farmer gets it first its aggeverating to say the least.
    * What about adding a tool shed in addition to barn and silo, that way all our hardware is together because when you have to save 85 screws, 85 boards, and 85 nails that total is over 200 pieces of just upgrade materials, and when I want to upgrade barns and silos and town buildings, over half of my space dedicated to that. Which leaves less room for products. Frustrating!
    * when I'm checking out other farms I like and they have certain decorations, it would be nice to know what it is when you hover the mouse over it.
    * idea for the coupon tickets collected for helping out, can you give use multiple choice options, example, Seasonal decoration, or diamonds, or fenses. It feels like I always get alot of repeat items.
    *Why cant we sell those decorations in our sell barns?
    *Or have yard sells on decorations or a trade system.
    * when visiting farmers not in our neighborhood sometimes I would like to ask them a question or a commit, but can't yet.

    My biggest request is can you add more machines to the upper levels, 100 plus, I dont feel as challenged anymore since getting past 100.
    No machines to work towards, no new gardening plants , I feel like this would help me want to keep going. Theres very little incentive in the upper levels. I want to be able to constantly challenge myself with new machines, food products, etc. And wow only being able to add 1 garden plot every other level is so boring and slow, I need more excitement to do.
    * when can we catch new fish species, can that happen every couple months or make a season for new fish.
    * what about caviar to make and sell,
    * can you allow for more fishing expansions
    * can we decorate our fishing areas too?
    *Can we catch shrimps too?
    *Can you add more livestock like llama,
    alpaca, Turkey's
    * can we make sausage?
    I would love to see wild deers, ratcoons, Opossum, quails, ground hogs, geese and maybe add babies in the spring to increase our livestock.

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    hey! I like some of your ideas but I would recommend reading the pinned thread before you post. People have been asking for a tool shed/ place to store expansion items for years but it has been ruled out by Hay Day for the time being.

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    Hey, just wondering if you could put in such that when we ask neighbors for items, we might as well have asked for tasks in the derby then? My missions go so fast, while there are so many in my neighborhood that fail to finish. That wold bee soo cool if u cold fix something like that.. I asked for the wood guy for a loong thime ago, and u made that go well, so pleace take a loock at my idea😊 love eileen

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