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Thread: The Aureus Family - Social, Active and Mature Farming Family

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    Exclamation The Aureus Family

    The Aureus Family Recruitment Thread Revamped - Not Just A Farming Family!

    Hello and welcome to the Aureus Family revamped recruitment thread! The Aureus Family was formed way back in late 2013 so we have a long history in the game. Since then we have expanded into two clans, each offering something different for any type of clasher. The clans come together every so often and combine members to participate in a 50 man clan war, which is a highlight for many.

    Aureus Galaxia was the first created clan in the family. We war three times a week, searching one after another on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a day off on Sunday! We have a strong core of players who have been with us for a long time. Many of our long timers are still here because of the chilled atmosphere within the clan, we encourage war participation but we understand that life comes first, many of us have family commitments and other things keeping us busy! However, when warring we fight hard and expect all new recruits to do the same! We enjoy catching up in clan chat and needless to say our donation numbers are always high. Galaxia uses GroupMe as its external communication app and this is a requirement of the clan.


    Joining Galaxia:

    We mainly take applications on a case by case basis so we do not have set in stone requirements, an extremely active applicant will probably be more favored than a stronger applicant who won't play as much!

    That said, we do have some guidelines:

    • Town Hall 9s have 40+ combined hero levels OR 30+ hero levels and no xbows
    • Town Hall 10 have 60+ combined hero levels
    • Town Hall 11 have 80+ combined hero levels

    To join us, either leave a reply on this thread and I'll get back to you, or apply in-game, if we have a space open, mentioning the forum thread.

    Aureus Luna was the second created clan in the family. Luna has a more relaxed outlook on war, all members can opt in and out as they please and wars are relaxed. Luna is a close-knit clan. All new members are LUNAtized in their first few days...whether that's something for you to look forward to or be afraid of is yet to be discovered! It's actually just a co-leader welcoming you to the clan and informing you of the rules used within the clan to ensure everything runs smoothly! Luna uses GroupMe as its external communication app and this is a requirement for the clan.


    Joining Luna:

    Town Hall 9: Minimum 30 combined hero levels
    Town Hall 10: Minimum 50 combined hero levels
    Town Hall 11: Minimum 60 combined hero levels (Excluding Grand Warden)

    For more detailed requirements, please visit Luna's page on our website.

    To join Luna, please either request in game mentioning the forum thread, or leave a reply on this thread.

    To close things out I'd like to thank you for reading our forum thread. We're a family with a lot of history and we intend to have a lot of success in the future too! We hosted a family push in past years and became the #66 globally ranked clan! If you would like any extra information about any of the clans feel free to leave a reply to this thread and ask. I hope I've managed to entice you into joining one of our brilliant clans and I hope to see you soon, whether it's in Galaxia or a family war.
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    Aureus Family Thread

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    Red face A long awaited thread

    Finally pleased to see our new family thread up and running it's been a long time coming, many thanks to the teams hard work and effort in putting this altogether.

    Although I have been away from this clan for quite a while I am thoroughly impressed by the huge team efforts of both Matt and Calzone for keeping all the clans strong like they are today, may they continue to grow and develop further.

    Furthermore I couldn't be more happier being back here in Galaxia, in fact I don't know why I left this clan is one huge support network from strong attack advice to exceedingly good donations you can't ask for anymore. I'm thoroughly impressed with my first week back and cannot wait for many more enjoyable times back in Galaxia.

    Don't forget to check out the new website - here you can find out about each clan and also submit your application to us.

    That's it from me for now, hope to see you all in game
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    Hi I am the Leader of Aureus Luna our most recent clan.
    Hope to have lots of members very soon thanks

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    Liking your new thread Tables make everything look professional
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    great post matt!hope the sig shows up....

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    very nice! good work on the thread matt

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    Looks a cleaner now, great job Matt
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    Hoolay! new family thread!
    Looks really nice and organized.
    Great work guys!

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    Great !

    Great! Im the leader of Aureus Planeta, we are a nice bunch of teens and adults. We got people from Australia, Japan, Phillipeans, Norway, Britain, USA, Ireland, Germany, and some more, so people are always online to be chatty and donate.

    we hope you will join one of the Aureus clan and we guarantee u a great time!

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    Friendly bump

    edit: Nice, front row seat on the first page ��
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    My clan recruitment thread is here

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