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    I can’t see anybody at all. I tried the filters, I tried everything. Anyone else having that problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackinator5000 View Post
    I can’t see anybody at all. I tried the filters, I tried everything. Anyone else having that problem?
    Only the 1% who visited global are having this problem 😂
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    recruitment does not work

    The recuitment does not wok, I push the boton and i dont see the names of players,

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    Iv been having this same issue!! Iv seen a couple people talking about it but not much...

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    “Find new members” not working

    No matter what filters I put it still showed nothing

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    Not working as of now also....

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    Quote Originally Posted by tstore123 View Post
    Not working as of now also....
    does not matter, it does not work anyway.. 2 month's, 600 invites 1 joined.. perfect score?

    so do not bother with it untill you read that it works.

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    This stuff STILL doesnt work. This was the worst thing they could have done, for the love of all things, bring back you know what already.

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    same thing

    Quote Originally Posted by OnyxDS View Post
    Just curious what other people are seeing... when you search for new members do you get the same list?

    I don't mean when you change the filters at the top - they don't currently do anything for me, but presumably will work better if/when people set their options.

    What I do mean is if you come back and search again later. I've tried closing the game, changing language, and even searching with a different co-leader account (on a different machine). And it looks like the same list of 48 people that I see every time.

    If the list doesn't change, would that mean if none of those 48 (many of them co-leaders, or not English-speaking) were interested in joining that we would be just stuck?
    i cant even look at people at all

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    My recruiting tool is not working it is showing up blank whenever I try to use it #bugs

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