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    Not in global. Pshaw.
    Quote Originally Posted by ClashPlayerZ View Post
    6 hours and counting...not a single clan invite for my mini th11 (50/50/20 heros)
    I was curious. I leagued up a max th10 with almost 2000 war stars and let it sit today. Zero invites.

    Admittedly... its not active... but figure someone would shoot an invite.

    By the way, not actually looking... will let that account just exist for a while...
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    Originally Posted by Vikingchief
    It may have been tricky to operate an opt in system from the get go, imagine the few who opt in getting flooded with more requests than they can handle, and the system will be giving everyone ”this Player has to many invites” messages After the first five minutes.

    Thats why I suggested that only players who are in Clans go to default of Red status. Everyone not in clan would default to green status

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    Soooooo all my clan members are getting offers to join other clans.... GOOD JOB

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    Suggested tweaks for the new recruiting system

    To increase the efficiency of the new recruiting system, we need players who DO NOT want to be recruited/invited to turn their “Clan Invites” button to off. Right now, our recruiting lists are full of people who don’t want to leave their clans. Labeling one’s self as unavailable would make the recruiting list much more useful and prioritized. Perhaps the list could show if the player is already in a clan.

    Secondly, players need to have a Player Description in the same way that we have Clan Descriptions. We can only see the tags and the stats of each player, but personality is so important. I don’t want to accidentally invite a toxic person into my clan. The one good thing about Global was that we could chat a little to figure out if the person suited the personality of our clan. Even a short bio could help a lot.

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    The update is missing somethin .. how do u recruit players w/o clan .. all i see in recruits are players already have a clan .. and addition to that they dont have any labels on their profiles .. do u think if invyt them they will accept? Huh?

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    I wonder how they get selected to get invites, since no one in my clan can get the flag system to work to select players to recruit... I think I have posted 10 times tonight about the filter system not filtering.... I will probably wake up tomorrow and find a maintenance update fixed the bug .... ****Fingers Crossed**** all the feedback is good for supercell, keep it coming. Even though a very small percent of the Clash community is on these forums, it seems to be the most effective way to get voices heard about the game. Just try to keep a positive spin on feedback. It will make more difference that way.

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    Bring back global. I can’t get anyone. Recruiting in global was easy.

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    Agree 100% both paragraphs.

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    Look at the bright side...the recruiting tool can only get better. Why do I suddenly feel nervous about assuming that?
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    trying the magical tool

    get a (static) list of players (no matter what criteria I choose)
    it takes minutes to find ONE player without a clan (most are in a clan)
    visit him to see if its defenses are in par with his attack (no premature)
    click on go back (while visiting his base)
    => back on my base
    not on the player profile
    I assume that I have to re-enter my criteria (if one day they are working), re-find the same player, to send him an invitation

    this update is a joke.
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