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Thread: Hot Takes for the End of Year Update

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    Out of curiosity, I’m going to keep typing just to see if this has a limit... nothing so far.

    Hot Takes for the End of Year Update

    While were in the midst of the current October update, I thought it would be fun to post some bot takes for the coming (what I assume) December update.

    I think most of you already know what I mean by hot takes, but in case you dont:

    A hot take is something that is said that is seen as unlikely to happen, but theres usually a small chance it could.
    This is used a lot in the sports world; for example, lets look at football (US version):
    A football analysis might look at a Quarterback whos been averaging 200 yards per game throughout the season, and might have a hot take that in the QBs next game, hell go over 400 yards.
    It seems highly unlikely, but theres a chance it could happen, so the analysis takes his chances on that.

    Of course, if the prediction doesnt come true theres no real harm in that; it was meant to be a bit outside the norm, just a wild guess that could potentially happen.

    With all this being said, here are my clash hot takes for the upcoming update:

    1. A sister clan system will be implemented to have easier access between family clans for members through leaders
    2. We will see a snowy screen again in December
    3. 2 new troops (1 dark, 1 regular) and 2 new siege machines will be introduced into the game

    What weird and crazy predictions do you guys have? Would love to hear below.

    *Note: Obviously the main one people will look towards is town hall 13. I didnt include it here because Im not sure that falls into this category. I think its very middle ground. Of course we dont know if thats planned or not, but again it feels too easy. If you do go with that, would be nice if you went into details on what you think could potentially be implemented into this new town hall.
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    Not saying it is a clue, but on the events tab how many wins are required using ghost?
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    1. Barracks Buildings Overhaul
    Combination of Barracks, Dark Barracks, Army Camps, Siege Workshop, and Spell Factories to form a single Giant Barracks. Upgrades number still the same for all those buildings, but we have lesser number of buildings overall to accommodate TH13 update. Reduce current buildings and add some new buildings at TH13, that way we would still have less than 100 buildings for TH13 and possibly TH14 in the future.

    2. New Toys
    2 new troops for TH12 (1 regular and 1 dark), 2 new siege machines for TH13 (1 that go for Eagle Artillery and 1 for new defenses at TH13)

    3. Clan War Tournament
    Based on your league in CWL, you can opt in to join Clan War Tournament and grouped with other clans to form a tournament of 8 or 16 clans. The war will take place in 3-4 consecutive days and in a knock out system. Winner, Runner-up 1st and Runner-up 2nd are going to get special reward (a Book/Hammer of individual members choice).

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    Last update of the spell? New troops? New Hero

    If you look at your profile page, you will see there is a spot for another hero. A spot for a new spell and 3 spots for troops.....

    Any guess what kind of spell or troops or hero will be coming?

    I would guess its a troop from Clash Royale. A dark spell and a Hero, but no idea what kind. What do you think?

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    Highly doubt we'll get a troop from clash Royale. That hasn't happened in a long time. All clash Royale troops we've since in CoC the past few years have been temporary/seasonal troops.
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    Who and what make you think th13 is final town hall?

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    They will keep adding new troops/spells/sieges/heroes in future

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    This thread
    Quote Originally Posted by Petgoat View Post
    Who and what make you think th13 is final town hall?
    Th13 would be a good final th
    But they would have to add something that gives max ths something to do....

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    Maybe we will get th13 and th14 🤷
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