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    The big Content Creator Code Thread

    Does anybody know how to get a creator code for clash!!!

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    right behind you
    What do you mean? Acces to the developer build? No you wont get it that easy andi believe the chance to get it is near zero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotanwaton View Post
    What do you mean? Acces to the developer build? No you wont get it that easy andi believe the chance to get it is near zero.
    Thatís not quite what he meant. There is now an option to support Established content creators in settings when you make purchases.

    To answer the OP... I believe you have to be an established content creator recognized by supercell in order to have your own creator code.
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    Does that mean, I get one, or only those who already have Developer Access?


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    Is that mean creator who don't have Dev build they can't able to create his code . Or if they can plz provide procedure..thx
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    Few days ago in another game but one of game SC I hear creator code receive only who contact close with SC. Now I see those code many where. Looks receive code not big problem. Need just write about self.
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    The code only applies to approved supercell content creators... Like Itzu and Echo gaming for example. Y’all should pick one to support, it will help them to keep producing epic videos for us to enjoy! Would be nice if there could be a sticky note thread listing them all. To make it easier to support them . Was this settings option even mentioned in the release notes? If so I missed it. What else did I miss lol! Only reason I know about it is I happen to be in Echo’s discord group.

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    How ro get support a creator

    Supercell i have a channel with 2150+ subscribers an i want to make a support a creator code how i can make it?

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    2k or 2 million subs wont catch Creator status. Unless you are extra ordinary and very popular. You wont even need to ask, Supercell will contact you if you are that famous and important.

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    Ah the old case of .. "Don't call us, we'll call you" ..


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