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    Quote Originally Posted by JusMe View Post
    Maybe someone is 'behind the scenes' [where all seems to be happening nowadays] trying to make something of the broken m3ss we got for a 'recruitment tool'??
    Yeah I don’t even know what’s happening. I wish I could see all the legit clans rather than the clans you see in global normally “friends clan” “cool bros clan” why does supercell expect me to join those clans..

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    They need to default it to off NOW. It won't be a huge problem for people to turn it on who want it on -- just a minor inconvenience that will resolve the MAJOR inconveniences that will never be solved as it stands.

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    I agree, Opt out should be default set up for all clashers ,and opt in only if you are searching for a clan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skrags View Post
    Time will tell how functional this recruitment mode will be. It's unlikely to be 'brilliant' from the get go.

    I tend to agree with others about the 'no clan' prompt, but I'd also suggest that a huge amount of players haven't yet 'opted out' from invitations (I know I haven't).
    Until this happens, ie players decide if they are currently happy in their own clan, then there's going to be a lot of wasted time, me thinks!
    There is a difference between not being brilliant and some tweaking needed or completely broken and useless.

    To me it seems the basics of the functionality are not really well thought out. That's the polite version.
    In fact it seems like the guys at the office completely lost the touch of their players base. I see many common sense suggestions from the community here for this functionality as the search results are utterly useless. But the official response is we only got a few selection options as the rest is done behind the scenes. (Which clearly doesn't work). I have great respect for Darian how he normally communicates with the community, but this is a contemptuous response to the feedback and the worries the community express.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilikepizza62 View Post
    Yeah I don’t even know what’s happening. I wish I could see all the legit clans rather than the clans you see in global normally “friends clan” “cool bros clan” why does supercell expect me to join those clans..
    Because they can make money but not care about their product or opinion of the consumers.
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    If it helps, you can choose a minimum clan level for your search. Just click advanced options.

    edit: You can also choose the clan location.
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    Recruit from your league.

    Upper left hand corner, the trophy Icon takes you to your league, a group of 100 random players with trophy count similar to your own.

    At a glance you can see who is in a clan, and who is not.

    Everyone you see has made at least one attack this month. No dead bases.

    You can see how many successful attacks each person has made this month. Gives a good indication of how active a player is. Very, somewhat, couple of times a week, etc.

    Not too hard to drop a league, or jump up and get a new list.

    Every co leader is looking at a different group of potential recruits, instead of one list for the whole clan.

    See successful defenses, gives an indicator a player is active farming in a league lower than his base could support. Another indicator of an active player.

    You still have to view profile to see donations, war stars etc. But you have narrowed it down to the clanless so less wasted time.

    In short there was already a tool in the game for recruiting with many advantages over the new tool.

    I hope SC will incorporate some features from league view into the next round of improvements to the recruiting tool.

    Until then, I know where I am looking for recruits.
    I truly believe the recruitment tool will improve over time. Please read my posts on this topic not as complaints, but as a polite request for improvement. Often I include a suggestion, or an observation of an existing function that could improve the tool.
    Before we throw the baby out with the bath, I would like to remind you that recruiting in global was no picnic either. Mostly hoppers, very few serious players.

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    I actually used this tool a lot when global was alive and a lot of my clan members have come from there. Luckily for me my clan was full when the new update Hit so I haven’t had to deal with it yet

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    Better than what they have out. They need to add info to players' profile if we are expected to use this trash -- adult/not, location...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigdome757 View Post
    edit: You can also choose the clan location.
    ^ This will fix most of the language option.

    I just tried with a TH10 and selecting level 10+ clans with 20+ players that I can join (hides the closed clans) and the language, and always war... returned a list that wasn't great. But the clans were at least relevant
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